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How Marriages Disintegrates

How Your Marriage Heads for Break-Up

76 ways on How the marriages dis-integrate – MANY POINTS HERE too are applicable in other types of relationship + 30 Tips on Creating a Romantic Marital Relationship

In many marital relationships – big things seldom are the cause of break-ups – rather the small, unnoticed things that make their way in and start destroying – what could have been a wonderful relationship.

Not recognizing that – this relationship needs to be given priorityGetting pulled down by the demands of your family members – which reaches unhealthy levelsLack of Communication and expressing themselvesLack of Personal-spaceLack focused-being-together-timeStress because of financial issues, professional turbulence etcPsychological and emotional baggage from other relationshipsNot recognizing that your marriage is not about You vs. Him/Her – It is about We vs. MeBeing Unforgiving by holding on to our hurts for a very long time. Forgiveness is not about excusing the other person - it’s about freeing ourselves to heal and liveNot having healthy boundaries* or having very Loose Boundaries:Holding on to other's Past mistakesDishonesty, lying, infidelity  Ego because of personal insecurities – due to feeling inferior to your spouse/romantic partnerTrying punish her/himGiving Silent Treatment to hurt other deliberatelyKeeping MUM to avoid addressing issues openly - Expressing yourself to your partner — especially when there's a conflict — is crucialNot seeking help from your partner during your personal crisis - healthy couples allow their stress to pull them together, by relying on each other, sharing it with one another, and carrying the load together.Not expressing your needsNot explaining your feelingsNot seeking to resolve the misunderstandingIgnoring the danger bells – till they become SIRENs and irreparableYou have is nothing left to say – as you both are shutting down - There are times in a disagreement where nothing is getting accomplished, no common ground exists and you've reached the point where you're beating a dead horse. This is the point where you retreatNot responding in time – when your realize your partner is breaking apart – because of your grudgeUsing Silence to controlConstant nagging on minor issuesUsing emotional blackmail tactics to gain what you wantLack of Attention - Attention is an important aspect of communication in relationships. Nowadays people are hiding in their smart phonesNot recognizing the Body language of your partnerListening - without offering solutions – ONLY being there for her[If you are a male]Asking too many caring questions OR telling him what to do[if you are a woman]Not recognizing your partner's anguishNot approaching your partner When your partner is feeling low and down[If you are a male]When your partner is feeling down - trying to squeeze it out of him through expressing lots of concerns for him [if you are a woman]Reacting to their emotional triggers immediately – without seeing or focusing on the bigger pictureUnable to see things in right perspective – but as per your glossy perceptionsChoosing a wrong time – to bring some issueTrying to win every argument – instead of having discussionsRealizing that you could be wrongNot apologizingUsing absolute expressions – like - You always, you neverAssuming your partner knows about everything you expect in this relationship - without Letting him/her knowNot bringing out uncomfortable or uneasy and nagging issues openlyNot Listening to understand - but to replyNot knowing the art of reading between the linesYou stop looking at each other for supportYelling And ScreamingTotal indifferenceApologizing Too MuchSpeaking In Absolutes and using many Shoulds" And "Shouldn'ts when telling something or blamingMaking AssumptionsNot Accepting and supporting her/his Repair AttemptsHarboring bitternessNot talking about sexual desiresFear of IntimacyStop creating surprises for each-othersTaking him/her for grantedThe relationship becomes more about you than weNot sorting and talking over Money-MattersLosing Your Independence - Skipping me-timeAssuming you know everything about each otherStaying mum about minor annoyancesWaiting for special occasions to express loveRepression and passive aggressivenessTrying to read mind of the otherReading and inferring their Emotions into what is not there – without verifying with him/herCommanding, ordering and controllingOvergeneralizing small issues into larger ones – without any baseNot taking care of ourselvesNot nurturing the relationship in an pro-active ways - people NEED to feel loved and respected, appreciated, accepted, and worthwhile. It’s not an option.Belittling in public or privateMaking others feel Guilty by playing victimNot realizing the power of interdependencyPoor Conflict Resolution SkillsHitting Below the BeltNot Respecting BoundariesHaving Unrealistic expectations from your partner

30 ways How to overcome the aforesaid and many other hindrances in meaningful and deeper relationship - The Purpose of Communication in Relationships – is to

Have discussions NOT argumentsTo bring all that is troubling you – without inhibitionOther to know and understand you better and vice-versaExamine perceptions, feelings, ideas and thoughts AND to come to an accurate understanding each other's emotional and mental states AS WELL AS NeedsUnilaterally disarm by giving up your need to be right – understanding that You are not going into a battle that you have to winYou have a right to let your partner be aware of all of your thoughts and feelingsChallenging and verifying your own assumptions, perceptions about him/her, the situation etcUsing I statementNot to attack – BUT – to listen openly without any prejudiceReveal feelings that are embarrassing or humiliating -Without dismissing your irrational feelings them as being inappropriate, immature or meaninglessMaking effort to talk about the feelings that you would much rather skip overThe feelings that you fear will cause you embarrassment or humiliation should you disclose them – without having the temptation to defend yourself by becoming victimized and righteousThis is not about how you shouldn’t be hurt or disappointed.  It is just about the simple truth that you are hurt or disappointed, and that it is causing you emotional painReveal your personal wants - People often feel embarrassed to talk about what they wantSharing your personal wants that come from deep down in you and what makes you feel the most vulnerable* - like - I want you to complement me, I want to be affectionate with you etcHaving a conversation* with the decency and respect with which you talk to anyone else.Listening to Your Relationship Partner - Listening is not about you.Developing compassion and empathy for your partnerDetermine Reality with Your Relationship PartnerUsing Non-verbal Communication to make your partner understand you AND that you understand themThe realistic Great Expectations to have [for couples from each-others]Expecting Your Relationship to ImproveUnderstanding, accepting and taking appropriate action for nurturing the relationship togetherExpect to Be LovedExpect to Discover Difficult Things About Each OtherExpect to Discover Even More Difficult Things About YourselfExpect Your Relationship to ChangeExpect Sex to Get Better and BetterExpect to Be Bored SometimesExpect to Have Doubts SometimesExpect to Face Tough Times TogetherExpect to Be Together, Forever

READ How We Kill Our Important Relationships in 


Identifying and Getting Rid of Toxic Persons and Toxic Relationship


Manipulative and toxic people drain our resources by constantly pushing us to work harder and harder to please them by making us compromise more and more. They do this because they feel bad about themselves and want to use somebody else to cover their own feelings.

Irrespective of their show-off of their power, shouting and breast-thumping and aggressions and violence – all these people are deeply insecure people with lowest self-esteem, self-respect.

In fact the more someone displays the aforesaid behavior – the more insecure they are internally.

Their toxic behavior is just a mask or facade to hide their weaknesses.

Many people we come across in life are actually annoying, difficult, demanding or unpleasant – but These people are not toxic – They are just undesirable. They help us improve ourselves – if we can learn how to handle them properly.

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Signs of confident men and women


Qualities of a confident man

1.Apologizes when wrong

2.Expresses what he feel

3. Honors his words and commitments

4.Never steps on others to climb

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How to be an Alpha Male


All about being a gentleman, alpha-man, beta-man, macho-man And all about the paradox between female desire, craving, wanting and what they actually need in a man - the enigma of female mystery.

In actuality the Gentleman, the Macho-man, the Beta-man & The Alpha-man are all one & the same – Unless you are stuck die-hard to what the popular perception defines.

We would be covering the qualities, tendencies, attitudes, actions of a Real-Complete-MAN, who creates the balance of the masculine & feminine qualities, to play all the different family, professional & social roles in his life most effectively. AND Understanding the female psychology to understand why the type they choose, fall for & the types they discard

 Please understand the following basics about male & female relationships

1.   The rules of attraction and dating have NOT changed. They are still the same as beforeWomen are still attracted to the same things they were attracted to before. And men are still attracted to the same things they were attracted to beforeThe attraction triggers are still the same as before

But we have forgotten them because of the following reasons

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How to make great 1st Impressions


How to Impress & Sustain 1st Impressions.

Whether it's for a promising job interview, first date, or first chance meeting, making a good impression bodes well for just about every situation.

A good impression can mean a huge difference in the way & a great impression can open doors you might not have imagined existed.

How many of us need to impress people to land a fantastic job, get bonded with ideal Girl/Boy romantically & connect with powerful people to succeed in all aspects of life. If not all at least most of us want these, Right?

Now how many of you have had the experiences similar to the 3 scenarios given below.

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Relationship Intelligence


Intelligence types and its impact on relationships & human life as a Whole

This article is far-far beyond the scope of IQ & EQ.

Here we are considering all those intelligences that have the most profound influence in our almost all the important aspects of life.

The difference between intelligence & intellect

An intellectual is the one who is book-wise, theoretical, impractical & conceptually solid.

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Relationship Patterns


Problematic patterns in relationships - Types of Dysfunctional People Personality, Couples & Relationship Types

There are many problematic patterns that creates relationship issues.We will first see the few behaviors/personalities who makes others mad, miserable & anguished and who manage to kill the relationships on their own

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Setting Boundaries in All Relationships


Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your All Relationships

All of us have following relationships & more. If we do not set healthy boundaries, we cannot have healthy, meaningful & blissful relationships.


MaritalWith All Business Stake Holders/Manufacturing-Vendor/Service-User/CustomersParentalRomantic/Live-In/Dating/Casual/Extra-maritalFamily/Sibling/Relatives/In-lawsProfessional/Colleagues/Senior/Junior/PeerWith Essential Professional Like Doctor/Lawyer/Accountant/PriestMaid/MistressFriends/SocialTeacher/student/Mentor/CoachStrangersAuthority Figures/Very Powerful People/People with Fearful[like Dictators, Criminals, corrupt politicians, High Ranking Beurocrat , Police officers] Personalities & say Public

Type of violations that have impact on our wellbeing, self-esteem, our relationships, our success, our happiness, our peace of mind, our growth

PhysicalSexualVerbalPsychological or EmotionalSocialFinancialSpiritualMentalAny Other in combination of above

Examples of Psychological/Emotional Violations & Abuse

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