Our Pre-Martial, Post Marital, Other Workshops on Various Soft Skills

These workshops are meant for -

  1. All the couples who have decided to go ahead with coming together & moving together
  2. All the couples who are married and have good relationship with each other BUT they want to take their emotional, physical, mental & spiritually relationship to a very Romantic & Sizzling level
  3. All the couples who are in a kind of dead relationship but both of them want to revive & make it good like earlier
  4. All the couples who have trouble with each other on any front especially physical and or emotional, but are willing to learn & eager to put effort to make the relationship work
  5. All the couples who would like to find out whether it is worthwhile to keep putting efforts or go for separation
  6. All the couples who are going through break-up but want to learn how to heal & move on with their individual life
  7. All the individuals who are in relationship but want to know how to make their relationship very intimately powerful
  8. All the individuals who are dealing with hurt post break-up on how to move on positively by letting go
  9. All the individuals who are married and love their partners, but realize that their mistakes is costing them a heavy price and they want to learn how to make amendments & atonements and make it up

How can you participate/attend these workshops -

  1. As long as there are sufficient number of participants as individuals to take care of our [2 People] travelling expenses, cost of boarding & lodging, cost of venue and a very insignificant cost towards our professional fees. We can do it anywhere in the world
  2. Collect a minimum of 10 couples & for a reasonably & very affordable charge we can do it at your place at your time as long as our expenses are met & we get some amount out of that
  3. You can ask your organization to sponsor the event for your colleagues to be given as employees incentive
  4. An Organization/Corporate/Business can sponsor for their employees & their spouses to create a balance and deal with employee stress effectively to make your employee more productive
  5. An organization/Corporate/Business can sponsor a program to create harmony at home for the spouses of their employees
  6. An organization/Corporate/Business can sponsor the event in their Annual Conference/Seminar/gathering to Break the Monotony of the event & as a tremendous value addition for the participants
  7. An organization/Corporate/Business can sponsor a small counseling type of event for all their employees to get practical do it yourself expert answers on various work-life-professional issues
  8. An organization/Corporate/Business can sponsor the event for an community as part of CSR
  9. You can even use your own Resident Welfare Society to sponsor willing couples

Take away for couple’s workshops – other soft skills topics are given below

You get fully practical, easily implementable, proven Tips, methods & techniques on the following & as pre-decided by a particular group

  1. Increase Intimacy in your relationship
  2. How to fire-up your sexual life & overcome problems in your libido mismatch
  3. How to bond deeper with each other emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually, mentally & spiritually
  4. How to sort out the issue that are killing your relationship
  5. How to heal from previous relationship breaks
  6. How to recharge your marital life after your partner had an affair
  7. How to create a life-long romance in your marital life
  8. How to have fights
  9. How to make dirty talks & pillow talks
  10. How to communicate meaningfully & deeper
  11. How to resolve conflicts
  12. How to overcome & rebuild your relationship

Partial List of Additional Soft Skills Topics that can be covered through Indoor, Outdoor, Adventure, Outbound Workshops, fully customized as per your requirements with additional topics & themes

Belief Change, Personal Selling Skills, Personality Development, Creativity + Innovation , Improving Personal Effectiveness, Team Building, Customer Service, Communications, Leadership, Work-Life Balance, Goal Setting, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Change Management, Personality Profiling, Conflict Resolution, Inculcating Core Values, Time Management, Attitude Transformation, Handling Stress & Managing Anger, Building Good Interpersonal Relationship, Performance Enhancement, Culture Change, Appraisals & Feedback, Creating Ownership & Accountability etc