Examples of psychological, emotional violations and abuse

Types of violations, abuse and crossing of boundaries – those take place in our life on regular basis

10 Types of violations, abuse and crossing of boundaries – those take place in our life on regular basis.

  • 1.Physical
  • 2.Sexual
  • 3.Verbal
  • 4.Psychological
  • 5.Emotional
  • 6.Social
  • 7.Financial
  • 8.Spiritual
  • 9.Mental
  • 10.Any combination of all above

These directly impact our well-being, self-esteem, our relationships, our success, our happiness, our peace of mind, our growth etc. etc.

24 Examples of psychological, emotional violations and abuse

  • 1.Using what you told them in confidence to hurt you
  • 2.To make you feel bad
  • 3.To take advantage of your weakness, kindness, ignorance, at times when you are most vulnerable
  • 4.Lying to you purposely
  • 5.Making false promises with the knowledge that they are not going to keep
  • 6.Criticizing you to make you feel horrible
  • 7.Demeaning you
  • 8.Putting you down
  • 9.Insulting you
  • 10.Blaming you for everything that has gone wrong – even for their faults and mistakes
  • 11.Projecting their weaknesses, lacunas, insecurities - on you
  • 12.Manipulating you using your weaknesses and sore points
  • 13.Emotional or other ways - Blackmailing you into doing something you would not do
  • 14.Judging you constantly
  • 15.Comparing you with others all the time
  • 16.Making fun of you with the intention of hurting you – both when you two are together and in public
  • 17.Playing victim - even though it is they who are taking advantage of you
  • 18.Bullying you
  • 19.Making you feel guilty or responsible for their failures and unhappiness and their condition – even though you don't have any role in that
  • 20.Playing superior
  • 21.Making excessive and unnecessary demands on your time, energy, finances, resources and any other way
  • 22.Making you put your needs in the backstage -by continuous harping of their agenda and that their needs, wants,thoughts and beliefs are superior and more important than yours
  • 23.Ignoring and downplaying your major accomplishments as if it is no big deal
  • 24.Making you recognize their insignificant act as huge milestones and achievements

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