Glittering Signs How FOMO Is Ruining Your Dating Life and Relationships

How Fear of Missing Out Kills Our Romantic and Others Relationships and Ruins Our Life

11 Glittering Signs FOMO Is Ruining Your Dating Life and Relationships

  • 1.Because we are connected with thousands of people through social media and see their ever being happy and successful - When we come across a person whom we like – we find that this liking lasts only for very small time as when we see that he or she does not have many qualities that many of our other options have.
  • 2.As we believe in perfect life, perfect relationship and perfect soul mate, we don't want to make mistakes in choosing the wrong ones as "We only live once".
  • 3.Therefore we keep on constant lookout for the perfect person and are terrified of settling with the one we are dating right now.
  • 4.This becomes the ultimate paradox of choice - Because of perfectness of our perception of our ideal partner, we have very high unrealistic expectations - even though we ourselves might have lots of lacunas
  • 5.Because one person cannot satisfy you entire portfolio of needs and we look out for a better fit, we miss out on cultivating relationships with fine people - with whom we are connected – many times because they are not glamorous enough
  • 6.Because the world is moving at a breakneck speed - we may come across people with mind-boggling connection and then we choose that person as our soul mate in no time
  • 7.Later we realize on seeing their faults to which we were wearing blinkers, that we have made the wrong choice
  • 8.Many times as we expect our perfect and ideal soul mate to appear from nowhere - we date just to fulfill our temporary needs and to pass time till that moment of connecting with the best person arrives.
  • 9.Because of the above points, we always find our exes better than our current ones.
  • 10.That is why many of us maintain relationship with our ex in case the current ones does not work out – so that we may go back to our ex.
  • 11.We start projecting our insecurities on our partners - without making efforts to identify, understand and work on to address and cure our own faults

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