How to Impress Your Girl Elegantly and with Class

How to Impress Your Girl Elegantly and with Class

34 Tips on How to IMPRESS a GIRL

  • 1.Stop chasing and instead do the following from the point 1 below onwards, along with doing as appropriate in 55 points above
  • 2.Use your eyes, when you catch her gaze, don't stare so hard that she feels vulnerable, make your look convey that she has caught your attention but you haven't fallen for her yet and you are not some desperado.
  • 3.If you want to look at her, don't be brazen in your approach - Merely glance at her every now and then.
  • 4.Smile a confident yet mischievous smile
  • 5.If you do get the opportunity to talk with her or around her - try not to compliment her too much or show desperation to be introduced to her
  • 6.Try to keep the conversation about your opinions and things that could impress her like your hobbies or things you have passion for
  • 7.It is okay to be slightly self-opinionated and passionate
  • 8.Try to make her laugh - but do not try too hard - do not overdo the funny part too much, too often.
  • 9.Learn to laugh wholeheartedly and naturally UNLESS - you are trying to display your sarcasm with a purpose to make something serious looks unimpressive
  • 10.Learn the ping-pong art of teasing playfully -without being mean or pulling someone down
  • 11.Learn the classic way of using double meaning loaded words intelligently and respectfully
  • 12.Learn the art of flirting playfully and discreetly, without being too serious about it. Put the pressure and then release it
  • 13.Learn to share instances in story telling way using KISS principal - that shows your vulnerable parts and how you can laugh at yourself
  • 14.Be fun to be around - as groups of people always get more attention than a single person sulking in a corner
  • 15.Be bold, get to know about her through her friends and let it be known subtly in her friend circle that your intent of seriously perusing her
  • 16.Try to bump into her in many different places -do not get into annoying stalking or any other hindi filmy tactics
  • 17.Be, feel and look cheerful
  • 18.Apologize if you ever cross the line of decency anytime
  • 19.Do not keep pursuing her if after reasonable efforts, you do not get appropriate reciprocation from her
  • 20.Practice good hygiene, dress comfortable, be yourself
  • 21.Create many interesting interests that should keep you away and involved, time to time
  • 22.Learn to ask intelligent questions based on your research
  • 23.Make her feel comfortable around you
  • 24.Start being the great, amazing and awesome guy that she really wants
  • 25.Do not be predictable, always surprise her with your spontaneity
  • 26.Plan your date in advance, even if you are meeting for the first time. If you can afford it, meet her in style
  • 27.Escalate in 5 gear on the fast lane, once you have caught her fancy. Lead Her From the First Second On
  • 28.Talk To Her Like Someone You'd Like To Date - Not Like A Friend
  • 29.Don't Try Too Hard to Impress her – impressing a girl is a long-time venture
  • 30.Lead An Interesting Life and let that impress her
  • 31.Do not brag about yourself – too much
  • 32.Do not use Overly Suggestive Pickup Lines
  • 33.Trying to create an impression of your macho-ness, based on the faulty yet popular perceptions
  • 34.If Do not know what to talk about with her, choose from the following topics
  • I.Talk About Something That You Have In Common
  • II.Tell Her What You Like About Her
  • III.Talk About Her Favorite Vacation Destination
  • IV.Talk About A Childhood Memory
  • V.Ask Her Who She Looks Up To
  • VI.Talk About Your Future Together
  • VII.Ask Her About Her Old Hobbies
  • VIII.Ask Her What Her Definition Of Romance Is
  • IX.Talk About Her Goals Outside Of The Relationship
  • X.Ask Her Who She Doesn't Want To Become Like
  • XI.Ask Her When She Feels Happiest

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