How to prevent Fear of Missing Out, Anxiety, Insecurities & Stress to ruin your life


How to prevent Fear of Missing Out, Anxiety,

Insecurities AND Stress to ruin your life

In this article we will learn

  • -What is FOMO – the fear of missing out
  • -21 Causes and Triggers which creates of FOMO – the fear of missing out in us
  • -60 tips on How to combat FOMO, in Jobs, In Relationship and Everywhere else
  • -How FOMO impacts our Jobs, Relationships and our other day to day life areas

In our current age all of us are probably living with the mindset of YOLO - which is an acronym for "You only live once".

Many of us live our life full of anxieties, insecurities, fears and stress which

does not have any basis.

And most of these can be easily minimized and controlled - simple by do it ourselves practices – making them part of our daily rituals and making them our nature.

Here we will talk about FOMO – the Fear of missing out

6 simple explanation - What is FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

  • 1.FOMO is an Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere AND it would be devastating for us to miss that
  • 2.This is often triggered by what we see on our social media
  • 3.FOMO is a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which we are absent
  • 4.This is a social anxiety often creating the urge and desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing
  • 5.Needless to say – it has comparing ourselves with others in-built - without actually being aware about the real situations of others and the truth our connection's happiness, success or any other jealousy inducing posts
  • 6.FOMO can affects all of us irrespective of our being single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between.

21 Causes of FOMO

  • 1.Our perception of everlasting happiness OR of unending doom and gloom
  • 2.Wishful thinking about fulfillment of all that we desire and want
  • 3.Getting all our dreams, desires and wishes as well as gratifications –fulfilled - without putting the real efforts - which are mandatorily basic prerequisite for our desired outcomes
  • 4.Our time spent on social channels - where many [if not the most] people put a façade of being happy and successful.
  • 5.Then we start believing and comparing our lives with these [perceived] happy, problem free, stress-free people - who have it easy all the way.
  • 6.Because we constantly compare ourselves with illusions and disillusions AND have a strong perceptions of how the things should be in our life - we constantly get overwhelmed with the unnecessary pressure of FOMO – because we feel we are the only unlucky people.
  • 7.Then this FOMO nurtures and feeds and reinforces an ongoing cycle of isolation, hopelessness and emotional insecurities
  • 8.And in many cases it becomes the whirlpool we cannot come out.
  • 9.Because all of desires are based on being someone else - with whom we compare ourselves [only because of their social media publications] - we stop being ourselves and that adds to our already overburdened misery.
  • 10.We also have a false perception that we should not project an image as a weakling – so we don't let our vulnerability show
  • 11.Then our EGO tells us why can't - we too have the great times like others are having AND why the hell we need to compromise with pleasures – and this starts the downhill phase of our life
  • 12.Our romantic expectations are all time high as we expect all our needs, wants and expectations get met through one person – and – we make our happiness, success, motivation, self-worth – attach with this one person
  • 13.We start depending on one person instead of our total social circle for our emotional, physical, mental and other needs and expectations.
  • 14.Because we are looking for instant gratifications, we look for alternatives very soon instead of putting efforts to cultivate and grow in our existing work and relationships - We start changing jobs and partners.
  • 15.Fear of being in the wrong job and spending time with wrong partner drives our FOMO further and deeper.
  • 16.Our values shifts from the end values like - happiness, meaningful relationship, love, care, and adding value to others –TO – having more and more money, name, fame, glamor, recognition etc.
  • 17.The reality shows on the TV too are add fuel to fire.
  • 18.We never think we can make any mistakes - so if anything goes wrong it is the other person's fault - As a result we never work on ourselves before looking for another job or another partner.
  • 19.Because we feel that we are perfect - we start changing the world -which turns out to be a recipe for even bigger disaster.
  • 20.Because FOMO is a self-esteem issue triggered due to our deep-rooted emotional insecurities - we are constantly chasing to be included and accepted by groups and people.
21. The people suffering from FOMO also have a great need for approval, recognition, validation and appreciation from others


How FOMO impacts our Jobs, Relationships and our other day to day life areas

  • 1.It impacts our Relationship Satisfaction Factor
  • 2.It impacts our doing well in our profession and job
  • 3.Why, Because Our continuously being aware [our perceiving] about how some of the people
  • 4.whom we are connected with, are doing so well in their Job, Business, Profession, Marital Life, Relationship, Money, name fame – just because they post such pictures in their social media
  • 5.Our paying keen attention, taking focused interests and giving very high importance to these posts
  • 6.Our comparing our lives with these Lucky and Happy, People and Couples
  • 7.Beating ourselves down that rest of the others have everything that we desire - but me, my unlucky self does not.
  • 8.We make their make belief pictures and updates as the only facts - we fail to realize that they might be posting these to hide the fact of their unsuccessful, boring and traumatic life ONLY - based on their selfies, photo and write-ups
  • 9.We fail to see the good in our life, and start thinking why can't I have those as well


60 tips on How to combat FOMO, in Jobs, In Relationship and Everywhere else Acknowledge, Admit and Accept - that you have FOMO

  • 1.Understand that continuing in FOMO frame is no-win
  • 2.Understand that FOMO is based only your perceptions and assumptions
  • 3.Understand that you have the capacity to defeat FOMO
  • 4.Create a journal of the positives that we have
  • 5.Create an abundance mindset by looking at the blessing that you have
  • 6.Understand that just because we think [actually assume or perceive] something - doesn't make it true
  • 7.Understand that Most people don't have the capacity, time and energy AND maybe resources – to not to miss ANY social, online or in-person – engagements – so you will always be left out of many events
  • 8.Identify The Joys that you are Missing because of FOMO
  • 9.Realize that your own self-worth, joy, bliss, contentment and happiness comes from within – your within
  • 10.You are the only person you can control what you focus on, what you choose, what you approve
  • 11.To feel emotional-security – you have to work on yourself – AND – not depend on others and external aids
  • 12.Understand and Clarify your real needs and wants
  • 13.When you're clear about what you want - the things you missing out would seem hollow and less important.
  • 14.When you build self-esteem through using methods by self-development and self-improvement and by focusing on long-term larger than life dreams and goals AND by taking care of yourself - the FOMO will disappear
  • 15.Stop being friends with your ex on social media – when you are engaged in meaningful actions and activities - you will forget the bad stuff soon
  • 16. Accept That Things Are Happening Without You and will keep on happening without
  • 17. Accept that The fun (or other positives) that you're missing out on might not be as huge as you imagine it to be
  • 18. Accept that FOMO is an unwinnable game
  • 19. Block the Distractions, Turn off all notifications, except the immediately
  • 20. Actionable ones those which leads you towards long-term growth – FOMO survives in information overdose and causes maximum distress.
  • 21. Feel more relaxed and in control - by taking pro-active actions towards your
  • 22. Meaningful goals
  • 23.Slow down - Most of us move at a faster pace than is necessary or beneficial to our best interests
  • 24.Practice taking your time when eating, driving, talking, making love, or Engaging in the tasks of everyday living
  • 25.Practice discernment in regard to distinguishing what is truly important and necessary from what is merely desirable - and choose to eliminate some of the things that don't contribute and add positive value
  • 26.Go for the experience and memories and not materialistic trophies
  • 27.Be willing to not have it all - instead start focusing your Needs as they are limited
  • 28.Train yourself not give-in to your instant gratification and Desires – these are never ending and their demands on you only grows more – making you distract from your true calling
  • 29.Stop Multi-tasking - do One thing at a time
  • 30.Stop judging others based on hearsay [social media or gossip]
  • 31.Give Priority to relationships, love, understanding and intimacy over materialistic pleasures
  • 32.Savor the moment Enjoy the journey and the process rather than waiting for the ultimate results
  • 33.Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • 34.Stop thinking about what I could have done - instead focus on what can you do to improve now and take appropriate actions
  • 35. If you feel they are having fun without you - start having fun without them in what are your passion – but not to out-compete with them [because then you are in FOMO]
  • 36.Make yourself Busy by remaining engaged in meaningful activities
  • 37.Don't ignore and sideline your friends
  • 38.Stay active and live a healthy lifestyle - Exercise, meditate
  • 39.Go for vacations
  • 40.Join different interest groups
  • 41.Widen your areas of interest and base of your knowledge and skills by learning and keeping yourself updated
  • 42.Have social relationships with different types of groups and people and hang out with them to see the reality by asking questions to verify your doubts
  • 43.Avoid and minimize social media addiction - stop spending time on them, especially reading about your presumed Happier and more Successful Connections
  • 44.Learn to see the real things when you hang out - people cannot project happiness façade for long
  • 45.Believe that and identify more positives in your job and in your partner - then put a lot of efforts to make it better
  • 46. Learn to enjoy your own company
  • 47. Whenever you get the feeling that you are a loser - tighten your belt and resolve how I can bounce back – and then take actions to make you feel better
  • 48. Understand that the Real cost of FOMO is actually missing out on those beautiful moments which you wasted on suffering due to FOMO
  • 49. Always understand nobody will post the reality on the social media
  • 50. Accept that life has its ups and downs - it cannot always be rosy or always be bad
  • 51. Accept that with your time you cannot be more than one place -so choose your priorities and act on the most important ones
  • 52. Looking at social media and others for happiness is a bad idea
  • 53. Stop passing time through social media as it can ruin your life
  • 54.Make real connections with your close relationships - Appreciate current positivity, assets, relationships, support groups you are thankful for
  • 55. Learn the difference between real and REEL then "Highlight Reel"
  • 56. Get More of the Important Things Done -Commit to strong, specific goals
  • 57. Know the high-pay-off-high-value activities needed to hit your goals
  • 58. Start saying no to people who bring you down
  • 59. Don't say yes before you recognize the tradeoffs of saying yes

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