Types of relationships Where We Need Healthy Personal Boundaries

18 Types of relationships – where we need to set healthy boundaries

18 Types of relationships – where we need to set healthy boundaries

In broader terms we have 18 relationships – where we need to identify and set healthy – physical, emotional and other boundaries – to live a contended and happy life

  • 1.With ourselves
  • I.What we will accept from others and what we won't from others
  • II.What are our core values – and which of these are completely non-negotiable
  • III.What is our benchmark of excellence
  • IV.When is the time we will get out of a relationship
  • V.What is acceptable to us as healthy humor and joke – from others
  • VI.How we will handle – put-downs, insults, sarcasms etc. etc.
  • 2.Marital
  • 3.With our dating, romantic, live-in, casual, extra-marital - partner
  • 4.With Our Ex
  • 5.Our all business and professional relationships - colleagues, senior, junior, peer, vendors, suppliers
  • 6.Our customers
  • 7.With Our Parents
  • 8.With our Children
  • 9.With Our Siblings
  • 10.Our in-laws
  • 11.With essential professional like our doctor, our lawyer, our accountant, our priest
  • 12.Our House Help
  • 13.Our Service Providers
  • 14.Our Friends
  • 15.Our social network
  • 16.Our Teachers, Our student, our mentors, our coach
  • 17.Strangers and say public
  • 18.Authority figures and very powerful people, and people with fearful powers [like dictators, criminals, corrupt persons] - Politicians, high ranking bureaucrat ,police officers] personalities

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