Understanding Our 27 Basic Rights as Human Beings

We should not let anyone take-away our These Basic 27 Rights as Human Being

Understanding Our 27 Basic Rights – they apply to each one of us irrespective of the country we live in, our gender, our age, our social-status, the religion we follow, whether employed or just sitting

Which we need to ensure – no one takes away from us

  • 1.You have a right to say no to people's demand and situation – if you don't want to
  • 2.Excepting very rare occasions – you need not explain why you said no
  • 3.You have a right and need to be treated with respect and Courtesy
  • 4.You can ask people for help – they may refuse that is their right
  • 5.You can ask people anything – they may refuse as per their rights
  • 6.You can choose not do or do something – as long as it does not harm, hurt or causes any type of loss to anyone
  • 7.Similarly others have their above rights and the rights to say no
  • 8.You are in charge of your choices – no one can dictate what life-choices you make
  • 9.You have the right to change your mind or your direction at any time
  • 10.You don't need to feel that you owe anyone anything more than you want to give with your free and Conscious mind
  • 11.You have a right to walk away without any guilt and negativity from anyone who mistreats you, disrespects you, is not considerate of your wishes and opinion, refuses to hear you
  • 12.You have a right to determine whether you give or lend things and to whom - such as your money, your clothes,or anything that belongs to you
  • 13.You have the right to refuse help from others - without feeling bad about refusing
  • 14.You have a right to feel good, be happy and successful
  • 15.You have right to tell other when they violate any of your private rights and space
  • 16.Understand that the boundaries are not meant to punish others - it is only for protecting you from all the ways our self-respect, our self-dignity, our self-esteem and our self-confidence gets affected negatively
  • 17.Creating healthy boundaries actually boost our self-acceptance and self-love
  • 18.Please understand that if you are going through bad relationships – where your boundaries are violated constantly - it is going to take lot of time, support, learning, training and practice to be able to set effective boundaries
  • 19.Creating self-awareness and learning to be Assertive are the first steps Setting boundaries isn't selfish - It's self-love – you say "yes" to yourself - each time you say "no" - It solidifies self-esteem positively
  • 20.You would need encouragement to make yourself a priority and to persist -especially when you Receive pushback from those with whom you are setting boundaries
  • 21.If most of the time in any relationship you feel resentful, guilty,angry or victimized and are blaming someone or something – itcould be the indication of the fact - that you have not yet set clear healthy boundaries with this person
  • 22.If you feel anxious or guilty about setting boundaries –remember your other close and important relationship suffers - when you're unhappy
  • 23.The moment you start implementing healthy boundaries - you would feel
  • 24.Empowered, liberated and freedom from anxiety, resentment and guilt
  • 25.You will also start getting respect from others
  • 26.Your quality of relationships will become so good – although few people may walk out of life – it is good riddance, be glad that they left on their own
  • 27.These would normally be those people – who were using you,taking advantage of you,manipulating you and they cared only about their own selfish interests – therefore losing them actually be a big all-around booster for you in life

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