Are you in relationship with a Sociopath or an anti-social personality


How a sociopath sucks the life out of its victims

Are you in relationship with a Sociopath or an anti-social personality

How to tell, If you are in a relationship with an anti-social personality dis-order person like The Sociopath, The Narcissist, The people with Border Line Personality Disorder and any such people, where your initial honeymoon-period as victim is over

How do you recognize them, it is very difficult for the outsiders or people who mixes with them on occasional basis, to recognize these people.

They could be your parents, your spouse, you sibling or anybody close or a person you are dating.

The only person who can recognize would be the victim they are sucking blood from.

They hook their victims & make them so much emotionally drained & dependent that getting away from these are very very difficult & traumatic.

To the world, they are normally very smart, charming & successful.

As partners they could look very attractive to get married with.

They even manage to fool initially for long time their psychologists, their trained counselors, their therapists & their psychiatrists, if these professionals are not have had enough exposure in recognizing them.

They play the Victim Triangle of being the victim, the persecutor & the rescuer and a martyr beautifully.

Sometimes they are all at a time & in many situations they assume different roles according to their victim and/or situation.

If you recognize & are experiencing 10 of the following, then probably you are in a relationship that you have to actually sit & analyze and if it is more than 50% abort this relationship immediately

The sociopath or anti-social people will have the following qualities

  • 1.They thrive on your Fear
  • 2.They thrive on connecting with the near & dear ones of their Victims [they play victim, but they are never an actual victim]. In case they are losing control they use their connection to malign you in the eyes of your near & dear ones
  • 3.They gather information & use it against their victims at every opportunity
  • 4.They are not rational at all so you cannot make them see reasons
  • 5.They are master of diversion, the moment they seems to be getting caught they will divert the attention so fast & bring you under attack that you would about know what to do
  • 6.You cannot have direct answers from them on issues they may get caught
  • 7.They don't have absolutely no empathy
  • 8.They don't care for other at all even their own kids, even though they may show-off
  • 9.Other people who are not closest to them & not living with them will think of them as smart, sincere, genuine people
  • 10.They can fool their counselor & therapist for a long time unless these experts are experienced in dealing with this type of disorder
  • 11.They have a grandiose sense of entitlement
  • 12.They think they are always right
  • 13.They are master of Drama, tantrums, Crying
  • 14.They know how to manipulate anyone emotionally
  • 15.It is very difficult to get out of their clutches
  • 16.They will always make you feel guilty about doing wrong to them
  • 17.They can easily create scene & will blame you for that
  • 18.They are very smart & intelligent people when it comes to their agenda, which is never happiness, good relationship, care – even though they will show that they are only interested
  • 19.They will use any tactics to make their victims surrender & take them under their control, threat, violence
  • 20.They can twist, distort & lie so perfectly that you would start doubting yourself
  • 21.They can go undetected for years, which sink their fangs deeper & deeper in their victims
  • 22.They cannot be cured through therapy or counseling or psychiatric treatment if they have reached an unhealthy state
  • 23.Whenever they find losing control, their fear inducing tactics comes into full force as they have absolutely no moral scruples
  • 24.They are very insecure people deep inside & have become master at hiding this by all the above
  • 25.The have a deep need for validation, admiration & approval from others
  • 26.They always feel that they are always better, superior than others, when that is not recognized by others, they become vindictive
  • 27.They are excellent in identifying what hurts you most, what are your weaknesses & what are your fears
  • 28.When they first come in contact with you, you would be actually thinking how lucky I am to get this person, this last for few months & then, you start the journey of emotional, physical and mental health
  • 29.They are not normally violent, they rather use psychological methods to torture you
  • 30.The moment their use of you is over [that means you are suffering heavily & are fully under control], they will start ignoring or increase their assault.
  • 31.If you manage to get away, they may come back & use the charm again if they think you have something that they need badly
  • 32.They are only focused on Self-immortalization &self-glory & fame
  • 33.The moment they think you are connecting & getting closer to their people, they will ensure that your relationship with that person is totally spoiled & then they will blame you for this as well
  • 34.Because they do not have empathy they will take even your jokes as personal attack
  • 35.You cannot have normal conversation with them, they may come back to I, Me, Mine & are actually poor listener, unless you are praising them
  • 36.They are always on the lookout for your weaknesses & vulnerabilities without showing theirs. They are masters in this and many other arts mentioned in this article
  • 37.They draw their energy from other people's miseries, so being in relationship with these people will always keep you emotionally, mentally & physically drained & exhausted
  • 38.There will come a time they will suffocate you with their possessiveness so much that you may totally get cut away from your meaningful pursuits
  • 39.They are normally never happy internally, even if they show[few of them can act being happy], it is not real
  • 40.They have fear of losing control over their victims, so they adopt any tactics that may suit them, legal and illegal, moral & immoral. The methods & means is only used to fulfill their agenda
  • 41.They can never commit to something that needs them to change their behavior, but expect others to do that
  • 42.They will seldom honor or keep their promises

43.They have complete Disregard for right and wrong

44.They lie Persistently & deceit to exploit others

45.They can be callous, cynical and disrespectful of others

46.They always use their charm to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure

47.They have an acute sense of arrogance, a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated

48.They Repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty

49.They are shrewd, cunning & scheming

50.They do not have any remorse about harming others

51.They may indulge in actions that may jeopardize the safety of self or others

52.Most of them have Poor relationships

53.They cannot comprehend the negative consequences of their & are unable to learn from their mistakes those are harming them. They just do not understand & believe that they have done anything wrong

54.Being consistently irresponsible and repeatedly failing to fulfill work or financial obligations

55.This is a personality disorder & it is normally incurable. If you are in a relationship where many of these are happening, please cut the ties & run immediately. You cannot change them. If you keep in touch only misery is in store for you 

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