How to Detect You are dating an Toxic & Abusive Person


How to Detect You are dating an Toxic & Abusive Person

Most people have had experienced some form of emotional, verbal, mental or physical abuse

If you've never been involved with a sociopath, cunning, pathological lying, narcissistic, abusive partner, you may not know what you're dealing with.

You can be in an emotionally abusive relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, male or female friend, family member, boss or co-worker.

An abuser's goal is to affect and control the emotions and the behavior of his victim by attacking & chipping away your confidence, self-esteem & your emotional peace with his/her lying, blaming, accusing, and denial etc.

They push you to the edge using fear, intimidation, instability, deception, sarcasm, battering and unpredictability, till you cannot longer control your emotions & blow your top.

This will give your abuser enough ammunition to blame you in future. It could that He/she is using all these tactics for months & you only use one word in anger & then you become person wholly responsible fort all the wrongs in Hi/her life & the relationship.

Check if you are experiencing any of the following signs, behaviors, actions or words. If you are then your partner is definitely an abusive person & you should get out of this relationship immediately.

One study show one in three people are in an abusive relationship & they don't realize it.

  • 1.Throwing tantrums
  • 2.Dramatizing
  • 3.Threatening
  • 4.Accusing
  • 5.Blaming
  • 6.Giving you silent treatment
  • 7.Refusing to listen to you
  • 8.Changing topics when get caught lying
  • 9.Distorting
  • 10.Twisting
  • 11.Making up stories
  • 12.Yelling for no reasons
  • 13.Abusing emotionally by flooding through texts, messages or verbally you with your mistakes & their greatness
  • 14.Punishing you by maligning you
  • 15.Emotional blackmail
  • 16.Draining your energy
  • 17.Making you every important or occasion to be especially nasty
  • 18.Contradicting proving you are wrong
  • 19.Trying to prove that He/she is the best person & you are the worst
  • 20.Using what your shared in good faith against you
  • 21.Using your family, friend to malign you & attack you
  • 22.Taking your sincere normal conversational statements & twisting them into something sinister
  • 23.Taking your innocent jokes personally
  • 24.Never accepting that he/she is torturing abusing you
  • 25.Many times these people are so good that they fool their therapist or counselor & make look like a villain if you happen to take them there
  • 26.Ridiculing your caring actions or ignoring them to totally
  • 27.Making you crazy by stonewalling, confusing, forgetting & making you
  • 28.Judging & criticizing you all the time
  • 29.Never taking any responsibility for their actions
  • 30.Challenging you to prove him/her wrong by having public debate but always avoiding
  • 31.Not honoring their promises, they always break their words
  • 32.Physically violating you by pushing etc
  • 33.Trying to scare you constantly
  • 34.Sulking, banging door and stomping out of house
  • 35.Making such shouting match that you become totally confused about yourself]
  • 36.They will never answer a direct question. But to make you feel bad they may answer with a question
  • 37.Using 100 abusive words but if you use even one after their 1000s, then you are the scum
  • 38.Constant name calling
  • 39.Then when they see you slipping away, they come back & show how they love to sink their fangs even deeper, if you respond kindly

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