How to find if you are in love


How to find if you are in love

If you are in love or infatuated or have a crush, the following symptoms can be there

  • 1.You go to bed, dream about and wake up with the thought of your love
  • 2.You check your messages first thing in the morning
  • 3.Send lots of messages in the day
  • 4.If you are talking with then, you don't want to get off from phone/skype etc
  • 5.You blush every time your friends etc mentions him/her to you
  • 6.You constantly try to impress her/him
  • 7.Your emotions keep altering between the happiness of finding your love & the fear of losing him/her
  • 8.You want to be in every part of his/her life
  • 9.You want to be the best friend of your love
  • 10.You want to do everything for him/her
  • 11.You want to be part of his/her family
  • 12.You can't wait to share you day with him/her
  • 13.You feel so restless that you call him/her back every few minutes
  • 14.You become anxious if he/she does not respond to you
  • 15.You dream of a life with him/her
  • 16.You plan your future with him/her
  • 17.You do not mind few challenges as long as you feel you have his/her love & attention
  • 18.You are bubbling with energy, enthusiasm & hopes
  • 19.You feel that no scarifies that you need to make for him/her is too big
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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

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