how to maintain dignity after being dumped


How To Break Up Gracefully Keeping Up Your Class & Self-Respect Intact, when you have been dumped or even when you have initiated the breakup process.

Realize That Your Relationship Has Ended – Anything Else Would Be Living In The Ostrich Type Of Mindset.

But This Realization Has To Be Reached Based On Deliberations & Introspection After Thinking Over In Calm Manner & Should Not Be A Reactive Way As We Always Make Rash Decisions When Angry & Impulsive

Ending A Relationship Is Not A Decision That Should Be Made During Or Shortly After An Intense Fight Or When You Want The Other Person To Hurt As Much As Your Hurting.

Let Yourself Calm Down And Honestly Reflect On Where The Relationship Is And If You Are Truly Ready To Put An End To It.


1.Flood Your Ex With Messages/Mails EtcJust To Prove How Wrong He/She Is & How The Wronged Party You Are Who Is Right And Who Gets The Last Word.

2.Retain The Social Platform Linkage With Your Ex

3.Start A Relationship On Rebound & Post All About Your Steamy Scenes To Make Your Ex Jealous

4.Wait For Some Reasonable Time Before You Post Anything On Your Social Platform About Your New Status

5.Don't Not Threaten Or Black Mail your Ex Using What You Know About Him/Her & His Weakness and whatever papers etc you have about him/her

6.Announce To Your Partner, If You Are One Initiating The Break-Up In A Calm, Concise & Objective Manner

7.Announcement Deserve The Curtsey Of Personal Face To Face

8.Be Honest About Your Feelings

9.Do Not Make The Breakups A Bitter And Full Of Tantrums & Dramas

10.Behave In Such A Way, As You Would Like Your Ex Or Other To Behave

11.Use Words, Gestures, Logic Which You Would Proud Of When Thinking Later

12.As You Have Finally Decided To Go For The Break-Up, Stop Blaming & Criticizing

13.Let Your Partner Steam Out His Feelings As Long As It Is Not Abusive

14.Thank Them For The Time You've Shared And Apologize For Any Misleading You May Have Inadvertently Done

15.If You Are Pulling Surprise By Announcing The Break-Up & Your Partner Does Not Have Any Idea, Then Do Not Proceed To Help Him/Her In Dealing With His/Her Heart Break. You Start Focusing Only On Your Own

16.Appreciative That Once The Time & Experience You Shared Was Good Of The Experiences You Shared, However Bad Things May Feel At Present & Honor That

17.Be Nice. Being Mean & Nasty May Satisfy Your Ego For A Short While, But It Will Ultimately Hurt You More

18.Even You No Longer Like This Person, He/She Still Deserve To Be Treated With Decency & Dignity

19.You Have To Understand When You Are Ending This Relationship, You May Be Opening Yourself For A Better Relationship & Possibilities In Future

20.Do Not Ever Make A False Promise You Know You Won't Keep. It Is Better To Part On Facts

21.Don't Break Up Because You Want To Get His Attention Or You Want To Punish Him

22.Do Not Try To Make The Other Person Feel Better By Justifying, Being Defensive Or Giving Reasons


1.Give Him Feedback About Why You Are Ending The Relationship In A Objective And Precise Manner Rather Than Dragging The Past Incidences & Opening The Can Of Worms

2.You Need To Be Fully Calm When You Announce & Not Drunk To Avoid Nervousness

3.Announce With Clarity & Not By Apologizing Your Break-Up Announcement

4.If You Share Property Or Children, Be Very Calm & Be Prepare To Come Contact With This Person On A Long Term Basis. Identify What Is Negotiable & What Is Not

How To Retain Your Class After A Horrible Break-Up

1.Never Bad-Mouth Your Ex.

2.Don't Go Sleeping Around.

3.His/Her Best Friends And Family Are Off Limits.

4.Be Subtle About Your New Man/Woman.

5.Don't Be A Stalker After Him/Her

6.If You're Close To His/Her Family, He/She Is Not To Be Discussed.

7.Let Him/Her Go. If You Broke Up Because You're No Longer Into Him, Let Him Go … Really Though.

8. Let Him/Her Be Happy.

9.Don't Be In A Hurry To Get Into A New Relation In Rebound

10.Remind Yourself To Be The Person You Want To Be

11.Recognize That The Break Up Itself Is A Sign Of Your Incompatibility And You're Both Better Off

12.Try To Find The Real You Which Might Have Lost Its Identity In This Relationship

Post Break-Up Most Important Dos & Don'ts
How do you deal with a break up


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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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