How to prevent Fear of Missing Out, Anxiety, Insecurities & Stress to ruin your life



Why, Because - 

Our continuously being aware about how some of the people whom we are connected with, are doing so well in their Job, Business, Profession, Marital Life, Relationship, Money, name fame => through their social media posting

Glittering Signs FOMO Is Ruining Your Dating Life & Relationships

How to combat FOMO, in Jobs, In Relationship & Everywhere else

  1. Admit that you have FOMO
  2. Understand that engaging in FOMO is unwinnable
  3. Understand that FOMO is based only your perceptions & assumptions
  4. Understand that you have the capacity to defeat FOMO
  5. Creating a journal of the positives that we have, Create an abundance mindset by looking at the blessing that you have
  6. Understanding just because we think [actually assume] something, doesn’t make it true
  7. The perception of Sticking together is safe, being left out is insecure, is reinforced when people have got in touch with the social media
  8. Understand that Most people don’t have the capacity to pay attentions to their entire social sphere, online or in-person, so you’ll always be left out of events
  9. Identify The Joys of Missing Out, to experience the joy of missing out, you need to realize that your own worth comes from within. You are the only person you can control. Approve yourself and make the security come from within.
  10. Clarify your needs & wants when you’re clear about what you want, the things you miss out on tend to be less important.
  11. When you build self-esteem through these methods and take care of you, the need for FOMO will slip away
  12. Don’t be friends with your ex-girlfriends on Facebook. With time, you forget the bad stuff about her that caused you to break up in the first place, a process accelerated by her only posting flattering updates and pictures. Soon you’ll be wondering if you should get back together and feeling jealous when she starts seeing other guys
  13. Don’t engage in a FOMO arms race. When other people’s updates are putting you in a funk, it’s tempting to “retaliate” by trying to post things from your own life that you think will induce FOMO in them. But engaging in such a practice only magnifies your own feelings of insecurity, deepens your propensity for making comparisons, and perpetuates the cycle
  14. Accept That Things Are Happening Without You
  15. Accept that The fun (or other positives) that you’re missing out on might not be as huge as you imagine it to be
  16. FOMO is an unwinnable game
  17. Block the Distractions, We’re already fans of taming information overload, especially if that information only causes you distress, as FOMO does. Turn off all notifications, except the immediately actionable ones.
  18. Relish the Present, Feel more relaxed and in control, by taking pro-active actions towards your meaningful goals
  19. Slow down. Most of us move at a faster pace than is necessary or beneficial to our best interests. Practice taking your time when eating, driving, talking, making love, or engaging in the tasks of everyday living
  20. Practice discernment in regard to distinguishing what is truly important and necessary from what is merely desirable, and choose to eliminate some of the things that don’t contribute
  21. Go for the experience & memories and not materialistic trophies
  22. Be willing to not have it all, start focusing your Needs as they are limited instead of Desires which are endless
  23. Stop Multi-tasking, do One thing at a time
  24. Practice Mindfulness strive for the deep satisfaction that comes with the cultivation of mindfulness
  25. Try not be judging others based on hearsay [social media or gossip]
  26. Give Priority to relationships, love, understanding & intimacy over materialistic pleasures
  27. Savor the moment Enjoy the journey and the process rather than waiting for the ultimate results
  28. Cultivate an attitude of gratitudeprocess
  29. Stop thinking about what I could have done, instead focus on what can you do to improve and take appropriate actions
  30. If you feel they are having fun without you, create give a dman & start having fun without them
  31. Make yourself Busy by remaining engaged in meaningful activities
  32. Keep your My-Space and be social the same way with your friends like before, Don’t sideline your friends
  33. Stay active and live a healthy lifestyle
  34. Exercise, meditate
  35. Go for vacations
  36. Join different interest groups
  37. Widen your areas of interest & base of your knowledge & skills by learning and keeping yourself updated
  38. Have social relationships with different types of groups & people & hang out with them to see the reality by asking questions to verify your doubts
  39. Avoid & minimize social media addiction, stop spending time on them, especially reading about your presumed Happier & more Successful Connections
  40. Learn to see the real things when you hang out, people cannot project happiness façade for long. The chink in their armor always will show cracks
  41. Listen to everything they say.
  42. FOMO is all about your perspective, You always want what you think other people have, but you don’t always consider the downsides to what they’re going through.
  43. For those who feel they've won the dating/job/craeer lottery and are with a highly desirable partner, FOMO obviously doesn't matter much. But for those dating a partner who doesn't seem as desirable, other options in the dating pool
  44. When you believe your job or your partner has more positive then you put a lot of effort into your career & relationship would be more satisfied. The trick is to see it that way by identifying all the positives.
  45. Understand that Humans Are Designed to Fear of Missing Out, entire gossiping is based on that which most people indulge in time to time
  46. Learn to enjoy your company
  47. Whenever you get the feeling that you are a loser, tighten your belt & resolve how I can bounce back
  48. Understand that the Real cost of FOMO is actually missing out on those beautiful moments which you wasted on suffering due to FOMO
  49. Always understand nobody will post the reality on the social media
  50. Accept that life has its ups and downs, it can not always be rosy or always be bad
  51. Accept that with your time you cannot be more than one place, so choose your priorities & act on the most important ones
  52. Looking at social media & others for happiness is a bad idea
  53. We all have bad things we could think about. But they don’t bother us when we pay them no mind. Your happiness is determined by how you allocate your attention.
  54. Appreciate current positivity, assets, relationships, support groups you are thankful for
  55. Make real connections with your close relationships
  56. Learn the difference between real & REEL then "Highlight Reel"
  57. Face Your FOMO, Admit you have a problem.
  58. Get More of the Important Things Done,Commit to strong, specific goals. Know the high-value activities needed to hit your goals
  59. Start saying no to people who bring you down. Recognize the tradeoffs. When you are thinking about saying yes ask yourself what you’re giving up. What is the most valuable use of your time right now? If it doesn’t help you reach your goals then the answer is no
  60.  We do not ask ourselves the following questions before believing our assumptions as the Gospel Truth
  61. What are we actually missing, are we missing attention of potential partners or are we missing out on activities with our friends or we are missing out on career opportunities because of the time you invest in your relationship
  62. Is this something I really wished I was doing
  63. Is this feeling telling me something that I need to change
  64. Is this something that is viable for me right now? Is this an accurate representation of reality?
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