When to decide it is Time to Break Up


When to decide it is Time to Break Up

  • 1.Whenever you talk there is an argument or fight
  • 2.Whenever you talk, you both or one of you only accuse or blame the others
  • 3.It always about proving yourself right & the other wrong
  • 4.You do not feel the love that brought you both together
  • 5.There is very less physical chemistry left
  • 6.You people have stopped being accountable to each other
  • 7.You do not trust each other
  • 8.You are thinking of breaking up
  • 9.You are always stressed
  • 10.The atmosphere at home cannot be more hostile, everyone can sense it
  • 11.Your arguments & fights can start in the public also
  • 12.Your fights have led both or one of you to alcohol or substance abuse
  • 13.You are sure that your partner has lost his/her bearing
  • 14.You also feel that your partner is trying all to get away from you
  • 15.You find that you both have big disagreements on most aspects of life
  • 16.You have realized emotional, mental, physical incompatibility
  • 17.You both have become too formal in your communication, when the things are in best
  • 18. You feel trapped & suffocated by this relationship
  • 19.You also find your partner looking around

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Tuesday, 02 March 2021

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