When your jealousies, doubts, insecurities are killing relationship


When your jealousies, doubts, insecurities are killing relationship

As a couple we have a choice to operate either out of faith/love/hope/Trust or hate/doubt/fear.

Our jealousies, doubts, insecurities are going to ruin the lives of all the people connected with us along with killing our loved relationships as they act as cancer & spread all around.

What is the impact of having jealousy in our lives

1.It will make you totally tilted towards an unhealthy perspective

2.It will make your mind filled with doubts & suspicions

3.It will never make you realize the importance of and being happy

4.It will never let you in peace

5.It will constantly put people connected with you closely under pressure & stress

6.You will not only drive others crazy but you yourself will go crazy

7.You will hate & anger constantly burning within you

8.You will plot revenge

9.Then you will start messing around with your partner's personal life

10.You will ultimately lost control of your dignity, your self-respect and your pride

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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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