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Should You End Your Relationship

Signs You Should Seriously Think Getting Out of Your Relationship

Signs You Should Seriously Think Getting Out of Your Relationship

Relationships are made in heaven – probably – who knows.

But the quality of relationship between two people are determined by many factors – the compatibility of both of them, their personalities, their type and quantity of past-baggage, the effort both of them put in, the commitment both of them have for each other and the value they give to their partner and relationship.

If you find yourself in a relationship that is more draining than fulfilling – go through the following checklist – and see if more than 30% of these fits Either to Yourself or Your partner.

All these signs you should be observe and experience on consistent basis a period of time AND the notice if the same behavior-pattern gets repeated time and again – in spite of your putting in all the efforts in right way and in correct manner plus taking every difficult topic out and openly discussing to the point of closer

  • 1.These people will make grandiose promises which are never specific only a blanket generalized one – and are never kept.
  • 2.They will never-never – initiate resolution of conflict – even though it could their fault. Instead they may give silent treatment by breaking-off all the conversation OR communicate in those areas they feel they need help – because not having any scruples.
  • 3.And if the other person initiates – they will every time tell him/her – how they were missing him/her AND just now they were thinking of calling them [even if it has been days].
  • 4.You won't find absolutely any gratefulness for all that you have done – because of one reason they always believe that they are entitled to all what you have done, second, they don't value you or the relationship.
  • 5.In fact many times they may even make you feel guilty – because their mistakes may become your fault altogether.
  • 6.This phenomenon is popularly known as gaslighting.
  • 7.They will keep holding grudges against you – for the minor things – which you have explained and they agreed that it was over.
  • 8.They will have pent up anger directed at you [not because of what you did- but because now they have a channel to download their earlier baggage].
  • 9.If you ask them to list positive about you – they will begin by saying one or two of the positives – then come back with their grudge as in point given aforesaid
  • 10. If you are sensitive and empathic person – you will also go mad with pain and their silence.
  • 11. They won't be able to maintain a meaningful conversation – when you are in intense conversation with them – suddenly they would introduce a very insignificant unrelated topic – that will not only make the connection snap BUT also make you wonder what is happening.
  • 12. And they take everything personally – even you what you are saying/doing is for their own good.
  • 13. In one go – they can erase all the efforts that you have put-in AND they don't mind even if the relationship goes for a complete toss or loss.
  • 14. They can't take any critiquing – and if they perceive anything that [remember – it their perception only] -
  • 15. Because of their fragile-ego due to their deep-rooted insecurities – they must hit you back – every time.
  • 16. Most of them are not good communicators – although in professional settings they are considered or maybe even recognize as very smart and polished communicators.
  • 17. They will never ever give you any feedback – even if you ask at the time you are making a gesture or action to please them – on how they like – and what you can do to make it better.
  • 18. Their apologies would be hollow, forced and meaningless – just like their promises.
  • 19. They can't understand jokes – every time you need to explain – then too chances are they would assume that you are being sarcastic about them
  • 20. They will not have any discipline or disciplined approach to anything that do.
  • 21. If you ask them to list any of the following – they can never ever come up with even one concrete action steps
  • I.List of What mistakes they have made [this can happen even if you have explained to them in many different ways AND they did acknowledge at that time]
  • II.Ask them to list – how they are going to make up for whatever mistakes they have accepted – you can't get anything specific
  • III.What they want from your relationship OR what they are gaining from this relationship
  • IV.What they want from life
  • V.What they want from you
  • VI.What they want to do for you
  • VII.What all efforts you have put to nurture the relationship so far
  • VIII.What are their fantasies
  • IX.What is their plan – say for a proposed getaway [they can never plan for any big occasions or special moments]

Like I have explained in details in my other articles in both websites Success Unlimited Mantra as well as this one Relationship and Happinessthese people who have many of the above signs [ should they realize that] – have to go for prolonged counseling sessions – otherwise they will not only keep screwing up other people's life AND definitely they will themselves will get into either abusive relationships or the temporary relationship. 

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Thursday, 13 August 2020

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