Why my boyfriend won't text me back


Why my boyfriend won't text me back

Here are the reasons why he might not be texting back or returning your calls, identify, verify & then take your call

  • 1.He is genuinely busy
  • 2.He is might be caught in something that is making him totally immersed on it to pay any attention to anything else
  • 3.He is annoyed with you
  • 4.He cannot handle the flood of your calls & messages
  • 5.You bore him constantly by either making idle gossip or anything that is un-interesting to him
  • 6.You disturb him without considering his work & schedule
  • 7.You cannot have meaningful conversation
  • 8.You nag or put too much demand on him
  • 9.You might be pressurizing him to do something that he does not want to do
  • 10.He might have found someone else
  • 11.He might want to break-away from you
  • 12.Sometimes he may just does not feel like texting back
  • 13.Because you are already with him so he need not chase by calling & messaging you like earlier
  • 14. He does not like you anymore
  • 15.Your behavior may turning him off
  • 16.You might always complain, accuse or blame him
  • 17.You may not be classy enough for to you maintain relationship further
  • 18.Maybe he got what he wanted for you & does not have any need for you in future
  • 19.He does not enjoy being with you as it not fun anymore
  • 20.You bombard him with messages & calls that he finds overwhelming
  • 21.Try to reach out in person & clarify all the above point & then decide to move or continue
  • 22.Stop chasing him
  • 23.Learn to get over him if you decide or he is leaving you
  • 24.Move on with life in full force as there a beautiful world waiting for you

Why my girlfriend won't text me back
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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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