Tips on How to start dating after your break up

 Tips on How to start dating after your break up 

If you have been through a bad relationship & have started dating again, please be careful of the following dos & don't 

1. Do not start dating if you still recall, brood or think about your past relationship with anger, hate, sad. These are the sign that you have not healed and you are not ready for a new relationship 

2. Have belief finding Love, but Clarify your definition of Love 

3. Clarify your expectations from your future partner 

4. Identify the mistakes & your role in your last break-up 

5. Identify the foundation of marriage & make your own commitment to do your 100% 

6. Get with the people who make you feel good & whose company you enjoy 

7. Start spending time on your hobbies & area of interest 

8. Identify what are the most important qualities you are looking for in a partner 

9. Identify what is negotiable & what is not, i.e, A person with caring heart or big wallet, taller, shorter, darker etc etc 

10. Get out of fairy tale image of partner, as the new one would be in a totally different package 

11. Date/Interact with few before choosing 

12. Even after you have chosen give a courtship period to understand whether you two are compatible with each other 

13. Be part of different social, spiritual, charitable, professional groups 

14. Go to different events like theater, music, exhibitions 

15. Do not get into a relationship in hurry just because that person has one thing you were missing in the last relationship 

16. Don't get into fast lane of texting, meeting, going out together every day immediately after meeting 

17. Learn from your last relationship, nobody can change anyone & if you go into a relationship that I will change it would be suicidal 

18. Stay away from people who do not know what was wrong in their last relationship or why they are single for so long, they may have solid dis-orders 

19. Similarly stay away from people who are still hurting & not healed 

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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