Why you attract wrong types of partners


 Why you attract wrong types of partners

Many of us keep falling in love with the totally wrong, abusive or toxic people repeatedly.

Because people keep fall in love for the wrong reasons

1.They don't understand what they are looking for

2.They only focus on one qualities & not the whole package of the person

3.They themselves are not healed from previous traumas

4.They look for what was deprived in their growing up period, like father figure etc

5.They fall in love with people who reminds them of their childhood pain

6.They fall in love in rebound after a failed relationship, even if that failed relationship was years back

7.They fall in love with a person for one qualities[which many of the abusers fake vey well] in order to change them later

8.They feel they can mold their partner later through love

9.They fall for external factors like beauty, money, power, personality or social status

10.Cheated by crooks who manipulated their feelings & they could not see through

11.They do not ask the right question

12.They rush the relationship very fast, without understanding or clarifying all the factors

13.Sometimes they choose a person with the qualities they lack to compensate

14.For meeting unmet needs of childhood

15.Make compromise as they feel it is too good to lose

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

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