How to Find True Love

How to Find True Love

  • 1.Love yourself unconditionally
  • 2.Accept yourself fully with your weaknesses & strengths
  • 3.Identify what were the problems in your past relationships
  • 4.Identify your mistakes & roles in the break-up, if you had any
  • 5.Identify, Resolve & take action on your identified triggers & negative patterns
  • 6.Forgive your ex
  • 7.Forget about ideal partner & perfect love, Identify what is a must have in your potential mate. Rest of the things you can ignore
  • 8.Do not include external factors like looks, money, position etc
  • 9.Look for a person with whom you enjoy spending time
  • 10.Look for a person who makes you feel bigger than you are
  • 11.Look for the person who takes genuine interest in your dreams & passions and encourages you to do & be your best
  • 12.The perfect love has to be created by hard consistent efforts of both the partners & takes time
  • 13.Be yourself do not try be anyone, you are good enough
  • 14.Start living a life where you are living your passions & dreams
  • 15.Do not chase anyone, true love will appear, you have start believing in true love
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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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