How to be an Alpha Male


All about being a gentleman, alpha-man, beta-man, macho-man And all about the paradox between female desire, craving, wanting and what they actually need in a man - the enigma of female mystery.

In actuality the Gentleman, the Macho-man, the Beta-man & The Alpha-man are all one & the same – Unless you are stuck die-hard to what the popular perception defines.

We would be covering the qualities, tendencies, attitudes, actions of a Real-Complete-MAN, who creates the balance of the masculine & feminine qualities, to play all the different family, professional & social roles in his life most effectively. AND Understanding the female psychology to understand why the type they choose, fall for & the types they discard

 Please understand the following basics about male & female relationships

1.   The rules of attraction and dating have NOT changed. They are still the same as before

  1. Women are still attracted to the same things they were attracted to before. And men are still attracted to the same things they were attracted to before
  2. The attraction triggers are still the same as before

But we have forgotten them because of the following reasons

  1. Because of increasing divorce rates and many men growing under a single mother never have a male model to teach
  2. Now a days we miss out the wisdom and exposure of growing up with our grand-parents
  3. The media, because of FEMALES being a very large market & buying-influence are projecting, the females in a different light and most of the male psyche is getting impacted wrongly by that
  4. Religious programing and fanatism also playing havoc with our perception
  5. Men, women…we are all confused these days. Men don’t know how to behave with women anymore. But life for women isn’t better. They have another problem. They don’t know consciously what they want in a man anymore.

Now Let us understand it from the perspective of females - The paradox of female wants & desires vs. The concept of alpha/beta males

A wise person propagates that to “Never listen to what women says they want in a man. Look at who they’re sleeping with instead”. Check you yourself the validity of this axiom  

  1. The alpha-men are the men, women are sexually attracted to. Because these types know how to trigger desirein women. These males manage this feat by being indifferent to a woman’s opinion of them and by living their life on their own terms.
  2. The Alpha-men are the males who have mastered the art of creating irresistible physical chemistry with multiple women. They are frequently referred as the “bad boys” or the jerks. 
  3. But even though the women fall for these men, they do not feel secure with these men. As a result, their relationships tend to be hot and volatile and many times temporary.
  4. Betas are completely different, as they make women feel emotionally secure around them. They know how to trigger comfortin women. They could be the successful guys who really try to make the women in their lives happy.
  5. But women do not get very turned on sexually or fantasy-wise by them by the Beta types of males the “nice-guys” & that is the reason Women make them wait for sex.
  6. Sadly, women often take these guys for granted and get bored in their relationships because the relationship with Beta’s are dull and unappealing romantically, even though the Beta creates a safe, stable dynamic environment for women.
  7. Women want comfort and fulfillment of their desire at the same time. So while Alpha certainly sounds better than Beta, in truth, neither one is the ideal. The Alpha gets laid but lacks the ability to keep women in his life long term. The Beta has the opposite problem.

But Ultimately, irrespective of whatever you call yourself, please understand that Alpha Males are those who earn respect through actions of substance, courtesy, and generosity to all people, not always the ones with the loudest voices or the biggest muscles.

Steps You Need to Take to Become an Alpha Male, the macho-man or masculine-man. There was a wonderful conceptual movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”

Be Mature & chivalrous, If you treat a lady right then she will sense similar to you know how to take care of yourself and her and she will feel more female, which in turns makes you feel & look manlier.

  1. Create Best First impressions through your manners, communications, expressions & how you treat others
  2. Develop the Posture and body language of a confident with yourself impact
  3. Be assertive internally as well as externally to say No and refuse all that is not adding value
  4. Express your views, opinions & feelings openly & assertively

6.   Disagree with her without hesitation, if you do not agree with her, because sub-consciously most women want a strong man with his own opinions. Sadly, most men these days behave like wimps. The moment they meet a woman they like, they go into “agreement mode”. They agree with everything she says, and what’s worse, they even change their opinions to match hers!

  1. Be Independent, nurture the skill of being uniquely yourself without following the crowd
  2. Become Aggressive by approaching women in particular & people in general, initiating the dialogue to create the opportunity
  3. Becoming non-emotional so as to not to bother about the slight provocations
  4. Be Competitive and not comparative
  5. Facing the odds of life like a normal
  6. Please steer clear of overt displays of dominance, because they carry less social value.
  7. Respect yourself fully
  8. Take care yourself, Value your timeand that of others.
  9. Create a discipline and involve yourself in activities-hobbies-passions-interests, that will help you to hone your physicality and your own inner Alpha are any martial art, rock climbing, surfing, wilderness survival and long-term hiking adventures, and long-distance running.
  10. Put forth quality work, excel in whatever you do
  11. Listen when others speak to you, giving them your full attention
  12. Do not let failure make you a person who gives up
  13. Immediately take actions to bounce back from disappointments
  14. Be well read & aware, experiencing different cultures and places, a much easier way to achieve this is to read—broadly and deeply.
  15. Accept the challenges that life sends you
  16. Seize every opportunities, and do not allow the voices of fear of failure or a sense of inadequacy to argue them out of action.
  17. Take justifiable risks. The true distinction lies between individuals who are willing to risk a little pain, a little setback or a deeper understanding of their own capabilities in order to gain something they truly want for themselves and those who are not.
  18. Develop SENSE OF HUMOR AND HUMILITY - don’t take yourself too seriously. It all ties back into the difference between self-respect and Ego
  19. PUT THE “GENTLE” BACK IN “GENTLEMAN”, a real man is not a bully
  20. Be presentable Maintain proper hygiene, pay attention to your Grooming Wear clothes that fit your body well, eliminate flashy clothing to look elegant and gentlemanly.
  21. Develop firm handshake, confident & and easy walk
  22. Help the people around you
  23. Be polite and humble
  24. Don't talk about yourself too much
  25. Treat everyone with respect
  26. When you’re walking down a street with a woman, walk on the side closer to the traffic
  27. Don’t talk down to women
  28. Stand up for your girl
  29. Don’t say anything negative about her to your friends
  30. Don’t reveal too much about her to your friends, either
  31. Don’t make her do anything she’s not comfortable with

38.                A real man is focused and A real man knows the difference between what's important and what isn't. A real man doesn't waste time on stupidities that does not add value to him and the cause he cares for

39.                A real man knows the importance of family

40.                A real man doesn't gossip

41.                A real man's word is his bond

42.                A real man strives to be a role model naturally

  1. Be Real With Yourself, Self awareness is a quality held by few – very few. There aren’t many who can see their deepest failures and weaknesses, and have the courage to work on them. There are even fewer that have the courage not tocover them up, or to fill the voids in their lives with quick fixes.
  2. They have their own principles, passions, values and they wouldn’t let others pull them from their mission.
  3. Have the Courage to Fail Gloriously
  4. Become Self-Reliant.
  5. Don’t underestimate your internal strength and power
  6. A Real Man can be recognized by the following
  1. He never whine
  2. He takes actions on what is within his control & doesn’t worry about those which he can’t control.
  3. He is a secure person
  4. He never tries to be someone else
  5. He has very strong personal values & never cheats anyone
  6. He always takes personal responsibility & never blames anyone else
  7. He never complains instead he negotiates for the results he wants
  8. He succeeds by his own efforts and not by making other fail or by suppressing others
  9. He appreciates the success and qualities of others without being jealous.
  10. He never gives up on himself, his values & the people he cares for
  11. He does not take advantage of other’s weaknesses
  12. He stands up for others who are helpless
  13. He never judges
  14. He never lets anyone dis-respect him nor lets anyone takes away his rights
  15. He enjoys healthy competition
  16. He sorry for himself but instead takes actions to get out of jams
  17. He is honest with himself as well as the circumstances.
  18. He can accept criticism and face the reality
  19. He never runs away from failures or challenges instead he faces them
  20. He never envy another’s success, rather he helps others to succeed
  21. He never shows off
  22. He al always evolving himself by learning
  23. He risks his everything for what he cares
  24. He is not afraid to stick his neck out & never likes to remain in his comfort zone
  25. He doesn’t look for a fight. He only fights if it’s justified and necessary.
  26. He never leaves those who depend on him in distress, he always takes care of his dependents
  27. He leads by example
  28. He does not regret his mistakes, he accepts them and learns how to utilize the lessons for his future best
  29. He does was he believes is right & does not focuses on being popular
  30. He apologizes when he makes mistakes or when he is wrong
  31. He never make excuses
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