How to make your girlfriend or boyfriends jealous


How to make your girlfriend or boyfriends jealous

  • 1.Make gestures, & talk in front of them as if you talking another/girl/boy. Use the words, I will talk to you later, can't talk openly now.
  • 2.When She/he asks you, whom you were talking with, just evade the answer or look uncomfortable
  • 3.When your boy/girlfriend deny you sex, the smile coolly & immediately pretend to call or text for making a date
  • 4.You can text in front of her, save your own gender friends name as opposite gender, so in case she/he checks your phone. They wonder how many girl/boyfriend you have
  • 5.If your girl/boyfriend insists on knowing who they are, just say they are good friends
  • 6.If she/texts you regularly & you used to respond immediately, now take your time to respond
  • 7.If she/he wants to meet you, say I have an important meeting
  • 8.Change your dresses, hair style etc so that it would look as if you are changing for your mysterious girl/boyfriend
  • 9.If your girl/boyfriend throws a tantrum about any of these things, walk out and don't speak to her for at least a couple of hours, preferably a few days

Please understand, use these techniques only to get his/her attention back. Later share that you were only teasing them to get them back.

If you like you girl/boyfriend, then don't plan to hurt them by doing it too much, keep it on a lighter side.

But if you are planning to break-away, don't do any of these, instead tell them straight & break off. Do not ever try to hurt, whom you might have loved & who may still be loving you

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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