Post Break-Up Most Important Dos & Don'ts

Post Break-Up Most Important Dos & Don'ts

These Dos & Don'ts Are Intended For You To Bounce Back In A Normal Life Looking Forward To Living & Loving Again With Full Vitality, Vigor & Excitement.

But This Is Applicable, Where You Have Reached The Point Of No Return, Not On A Fight Of Ego Or Personality Clash


  • 1.Initially Try To Be In The Company Of People Whom You Care For & Who Care For You As Much As Possible
  • 2.Try To Not To Be Alone To Give Your Opportunity To Brood, Sulk, Getting The Mind Into The Vicious Cycle Of Plotting Revenge, Creating Hatred, Being Angry, Being Sad, Being Depressed Etc Etc
  • 3.Maintain You Regular Routine As Much As You Can, Especially Your Food, Exercise, Sleep, Work Habits
  • 4.Sleep Adequately, If You Are Not Able To Get Prescribed Tranquilizers& Mood Enhancers Initially
  • 5.Exercise Well Everyday
  • 6.Choose The Company Of Only Those People Who Really Care & Have Stood Up To You In Tough Times
  • 7.Do Not Be Worried Over Looking Tough By Suppressing Your Feelings Of Grief, Grieve Openly
  • 8.Start Planning How Would Your Life The Rest Of The Life Doing Things That You Are Passionate About And Dreamed Of
  • 9.Start Learning New Things, Start An Activity Or Hobby That Involves Your Physical & Mental Aspects Deeply And Which Gives You A Feeling Of Worth
  • 10.Start Self-Development By Gaining New Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications
  • 11.Focus On Your Profession To Always Create An Excellence Performance
  • 12.Eat Healthy Food Avoid The Junk If Possible
  • 13.Join Places Where You Can Devote Time, Energy & Effort To Helping The People Who Are Suffering Or Are Underprivileged
  • 14.Try To Change Your Routine, Habits To Start Something Totally New Which Gives You Happiness & Make You Feel Good About Yourself
  • 15.Read & Listen To Videos & Audios On How To Handle Separation Grief & How To Move On
  • 16.Celebrate & Reward Yourself If You Achieve Something Significant In Your Journey
  • 17.Don't Beat Yourself, If Your Feel Low, Feel Negative Emotions
  • 18.Don't Fight With Situations & Feelings, Just Make Yourself Feel The Pain & Sadness
  • 19.Learn The Lesson That You Have Learned From Your Break Up & Work On Your Weak Points Objectively
  • 20.Feel Like Crying Do That, You Do That In Bathroom, In Your Room
  • 21.Express What You Are Feeling With Your Closed Ones
  • 22.Avoid All The Places That Both Of You Used To Go Together & Where He/She Still May Be Going
  • 23.Cut Ties With Most Of The People You Got Connected Through You.
  • 24.Channelize Your Anger, Sadness To Create A New Powerful You
  • 25.If You Are Unable To Cope Get Specialist Help Especially If Your Thoughts Are Depressive
  • 26.Focus On Accepting The Situation & Moving On To A More Wonderful Life
  • 27.Accept That Heart Breaks Happens To Everyone Sometimes Or Other


  • 1.Cut All The Contacts With Your Ex & His Family
  • 2.Remove All Photos Etc What Reminds You Of Him/Her
  • 3.Block Your Ex From Your Phone, Social Media, Email Etc
  • 4.Delete Their Number Etc From All Your Phone, Contact Books Etc
  • 5.If The Person Stalk You Or Harasses You, Get The Restraining Order From Court & Police
  • 6.Do Not Ever Bad Mouth Your Ex
  • 7.Do Not Try To Keep Tab On What Your Ex Is Doing
  • 8.Do Not Be Under The False Notion, That He/She May Realize His/Her Mistakes And Come Back To, In Case You Have These Thoughts Then Think About The Time He/She Insulted/Abused/Put You Down/Tortured/Blackmailed/Threatened You Etc
  • 9.Do Not Try To Make Them Jealous And Plan Revenge, It Will Be More Harmful Than When You Were Living Together
  • 10.Do Not Do Anything To Seek Their Attention Or Get Their Approval
  • 11.Do Not Rush Into A New Relationship, If You Are Not Healed, Then This Too Will Get Into Issues
  • 12.Don't Turn To Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking To Avoid Suppress Your Pain
  • 13.Do Not Blame Yourself Too Much For The Break, As It Takes Two People To Build Or Break
  • 14.You Cannot Go Back & Recreate The Past So No Point In Thinking About What You Could Have Done Differently
  • 15.Don't Get Back To Good Deed Said Or Done By Your Ex Especially If They Were Long Time Back
  • 16.Don't Ever Think That Because This Failed Relationship You Won't Go For New One

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