How to make your partner go crazy & swoon


 How to make your partner go crazy & swoon

  • 1.Hold her/him from butt
  • 2.Give a titillating massage
  • 3.Comb his/her hair
  • 4.Cuddle with him/her sleeping on you naked whole night
  • 5.Caress her/him for long after your love making
  • 6.If they like give them French kiss
  • 7.Sleep naked in two spoon position
  • 8.Men make her get on top of you & hold her & gaze into her eyes as long as you can while rubbing her back
  • 9.Hug her/him from behind
  • 10.Make love under shower
  • 11.Rub each other's butt with only butt
  • 12.Go for public flirting & PDA
  • 13.Go for candlelight picnic in a heritage place/sea-beach etc
  • 14.Spend time on each other in the bath tub
  • 15.Go for a thrilling & fearful rides in amusement park & shout out your fears loudly
  • 16.Watch a romantic movie together'
  • 17.Just cuddle & keep touching each other for long
  • 18.Wake him/her in the middle of night & make passionate love
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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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