Why Sexless or Sex-Starved marriages happen


 Why Sexless or Sex-Starved marriages happen

There are many causes of marriages becoming sexless the few could be the following

  • 1.Emotional disconnect
  • 2.Physical dissatisfaction
  • 3.Libido mis-match
  • 4.Painful sex
  • 5.Traumatic childhood experiences
  • 6.Physical causes – like impotency
  • 7.Stress causes
  • 8.Medical causes
  • I.Premature Ejaculation
  • II.Erectile dysfunction
  • III.Orgasmic disorders
  • 9.Psychological issues
  • 10.Abused relationships
  • 11.Dead or lifeless relationship, just living together
  • 12.Performance anxiety
  • 13.Wrong definition of sex, love, relationship
  • 14.Wrong perceptions
  • 15.Cultural issues or Wrong Spiritual Motivations
  • 16.Different sexual preferences like gay/lesbian/bisexual
  • 17.Lack of bonding/intimacy/Shyness
  • 18.Lack of interest

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