Create harmony in your relationships Workshops


Building harmony in your relationship by ironing out various issues & Workshops on many more topics, given below

[Following are topics chosen randomly to give you an idea under each head – but the final topics would be frozen with the consent of the paid couples as per their majority preference from below topics or additional ones. Actual coverage in the workshop would depend on the group's dynamics, the group's preferences, time available etc]

  • 1.Learn to identify whether you are in an abusive relationship
  • 2.Learn to identify it is time to break-up
  • 3.Increase zest & passion in your relationship
  • 4.Finding out each other's triggers which creates stress, conflicts, arguments & fights
  • 5.Turning Fights into Conversations and Problems into Opportunities for Intimacy
  • 6.Help each partner find her or his voice
  • 7.Recognize the wish or fear concealed in the partner's complaint
  • 8.How to give up controlling each other & instead work on yourself to create magic of love
  • 9.Understand your partner & yourself better
  • 10.Bring out your unmet expectations, desires & needs & create an agreement and commitment to satisfy each other
  • 11.Setting healthy boundaries
  • 12.Avoid unhealthy and relationship destroying habits
  • 13.Relationship Deal breakers

Others Topics – We can create topics as per a specific need, if the majority of the participants demand that

  • 1.Marriage success factors
  • 2.Common conflict fire points
  • 3.Balancing family time & work time
  • 4.Bringing fun & playfulness in your relationship
  • 5.Finding most compatible Mr. Or Mrs for dating couple
  • 6.Forgiveness and letting go
  • 7.Dealing with break-up
  • 8.Moving on after break up
  • 9.Dealing with your partner's cheating, both of you still want to continue together
  • 10.Developing compatibility over money matters
  • 11.How not to suffocate your partner
  • 12.How to have Me time
  • 13.Creating memories together
  • 14.Scheduling Sharing time
  • 15.Scheduling Make up time
  • 16.How to let go of you ego in relationship
  • 17.Personal Stress Profile Identifying Most Critical Issues
  • 18.Importance of doing activities, chores together
  • 19.Taking vacations & break regular

Who Should Attend - All couples, at all stages of their relationships, including:

  • 1.Couples undecided about staying together
  • 2.Couples moving toward divorce or who are already separated and want to know if it is worth putting any energy into saving the relationship
  • 3.Couples in the early stages of a relationship and are looking at the possibility of marriage or a deeper commitment in their relationship
  • 4.Couples preparing for marriage, or for persons who have been married before and wish to learn how to avoid repeating past mistakes
  • 5.Couples who feel "stuck" or stagnant in their relationship and want to renew the intimacy with their partner
  • 6.Couples who want to make a "good" relationship even richer and more fulfilling
  • 7.Couples who wish to create a better climate for the development of their children
  • 8.You are beginning a relationship, and would like to create a strong foundation and avoid some of the frustrations you may have experienced in the past. You want to turn a good relationship into a great relationship!
  • 9.You are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts.
  • 10.You are near break-up and want to decide if the relationship can be saved
  • 11.If you totally disconnected with each other mentally, emotionally & physically but you want to rebuild & recreate the passion when you started
  • 12.Are you fighting & having same arguments again & again
  • 13.Totally frustrated as your relationship is not what you thought it would Or how you wanted it
  • 14.You may have an excellent relationship, but want it to be even greater
  • 15.You want to know how to handle petty things clouding your relationship or want to know how to deal with your partner's cheating
How to move on after break up
How to get the romance back in your relationship W...


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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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