Elements Of Courtship

 Elements Of Courtship

Courtship Is The First Step Towards Marriage, Do Not Enter Into Courtship Until You Are Mentally, Emotionally, Financially, Socially & Family-Wise In A Stage In Life When Marriage Is A Realistic Possibility.

The Basic Purpose Of Courtship

1.To Know Each Other & Each Other's Families

2.To Know About Each Other's

3.To Turn Relationship Into A Caring Friendship Mode

4.To Clarify, Probe & Satisfy Yourself Of All The Doubts, Anxieties & Concerns

5.To Understand Each Other's Trigger Points, Likes, Dislikes, Preferences, Habits Etc, So That It Does Not Come As A Shocker Later

6.Understand & Get To Know Each Other's Expectations From This Relationship

7.Find Out About Their Dreams, Passion Etc

8.Finding & Understanding About Emotional Flash Points

9.Also To Verify All The Claims Made By Each Other

10.All The Above Is To Also Know Whether Marriage Should Be Proceeded With

This Can Be Done Participating In A Variety Of Following Activities Together – You Can Add Your Own

  1. Get Together With Like-Minded Friends And Enjoy Group Activities
  2. Go Out For Dinner
  3. Play Sports Together
  4. Going For Adventure Activities Like Hiking, Trekking, Camping Etc
  5. Read Books Out Loud To Each Other
  6. Watching Movies Together
  7. Have Healthy Debate
  8. Pray With One Another & Go To Each Other's Faith
  9. Joining Various Professional & Social Forums Together

A Short Courtship Is Best Of Around 6 Months Being Actively Involved Is Good Enough.

A Long Courtship Can Become Confusing And Frustrating, Often Leading To Disillusionment

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