The Courtship Guidelines To Make Your Marriage & Relationship Smoother

The Courtship Guidelines To Make Your Marriage & Relationship Smoother

Courtship Is The Immediate Preceding Stage Before Marriage.

Switching From Dating To Courting

Going Into Courting Mode Means That You Both Have The Intention Of Staying Together, Whether That Means Marriage, A Lifetime Relationship Or A Serious, Long-Term Relationship With The Option Of Getting Married Later.

However, Intending To Stay Together For Life Doesn't Guarantee That You Will, Unless You Establish The Boundaries, The Mindset, The Understanding, The Clarity Etc Etc

The Following Guidelines May Give You The Right Perception To Use The Courtship Period Not Only For Creating Happy Future Path But Also To Avoid The Setback & Pain.

  • 1.While You Can Date Multiple People Simultaneously, You Can Court Only One
  • 2.When You Start Courting, Other Relationship That You Were Dating Should Stop As You Have Found The Right Person For Future Journey
  • 3.For Men Being Chivalrous By Opening Door, Taking Chair Out Etc Is Still Considered Manly
  • 4.For Women Even Though It Is Alright For Men To Pay, Try To Share Payment Time To Time
  • 5.Courting Is The Time To Get To Know Your Partner. Please Be Assertive To Ask The Questions Given Our Marriage Section To Ask Before Marriage. You May Need To Ask Them In A Different Way & Probe Deeper Till You Are Satisfied
  • 6.Courting Is Also The Time To Meet & Know Each Other's Family
  • 7.During Courting It Is Alright For Both Side Families To Meet Each Other
  • 8.Courting Is The Time When You Should Get Introduced To The Extended Families & Their Friend Circle
  • 9.While Dating Can Be Done Secretly The Courting Is Done Publicly
  • 10.Please Listen And Pay Attention To The Advice & Observation Of Elders – Your Mother May Actually Know Better
  • 11.Goal Of Courtship Is To Building Emotional, Mental, Social, Physical Connect And Bonding
  • 12.Obtaining Commitment Is Most Important On All Your Points
  • 13.You Have Get Away From Fairy Tale Love Mindset & Clarify The Practical Points Of Conflicts, Cooperation & Collaborations
  • 14.Don't Be In Rush To Get Married, As That Would Defeat The Very Purpose Of Courting
  • 15.Observe Each Other In Their Respective Social Circles & If Possible Among Work & Home Situations
Elements Of Courtship
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