How To Know If She/He Only Want To Have Some Fun

 How To Know If She/He Only Want To Have Some Fun 

And Not A Serious Long Term Relationship With You.

Most Of The Men And The Women Cannot Differentiate Between Courtships & Dating And End Up Feeling Wronged In The Process.

Many Times A Male Or Female Just Date A Person & Even Have Sex Him/Her.

But It Is Never More Than That As It Was A Pure Need Based Impulsive Action

She/He Never Thought Beyond, But Because Their Intentions Were Not Been Pro-Actively Clarified The Other Person Feels Cheated.

You Have To Understand That Not Every Relationship Will Result In A Lifelong Commitment.

The Best Way Is To Clarify Your & Their Intentions At The Initial Phases, To Avoid The Heart Break Which May Come Later.

In Most Of The Places, Most People Have A Number Of Dating Relationships Or Even Serious Relationships Until They Eventually Find The Right Person To Settle Down With.

You Might Get Lucky And Meet Your Perfect Partner Right Away.

You Only Have To Go For A Serious Relationship If

1.She/He Treats You Well

2.Impresses You With Her/Him Character (I.E. She/He Is Honest, Loyal, Caring, Etc) And You Feel Like She/He Deserves It. Don't Commit To A Woman/Man Who Isn't Treating You Well, Is Of Bad Character (I.E. She/He Is Dishonest, Untrustworthy, Selfish, Etc)

3.If It Is Only The Guy Who Wants A Serious Relationship And The Woman Isn't Sure Yet, She Will Often Make Him Jump Through All Sorts Of Unnecessary Hoops To Impress Her (E.G. Expensive Dinners, Gifts, Being Patient About Sex, Etc). It Can Happen Vice-Versa Also

To Clarify You Need To Ask & You Need To Do It In Various Ways & Several Times Under Different Moods As Well As Situations

1.Why You Like Me

2.What Type Of Feelings You Get When You Think About Spending Your Entire Life Together With Me

3.What You Do Not Like About Me

4.What Makes You Irritated About Me

5.In Our Relationship, If You Were To Choose The Most Attractive Part, What Would Be It[E.G. Making Love, Dining Together, Talking Together Etc Etc]. This Is A Very Profound Way To Understand

6.You Can Talk About Commitments, If The Other Person Is Wary Or Hesitant. Probe Deeper About The Reason

Then You Choose Whether These Are Acceptable To You Or Not 

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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