How to stop your man going away/withdrawing from you


 How to stop your man going away/withdrawing from you

There comes a time when your man with whom you were compatible and comfortable with - suddenly loses interest in you and stops communicating with you, strats withdrawing from you. 

Here We will deal with only those issues which is within your areas of control and influence - yet unknowingly and unintentionally by doing these he has grown apart from you - emotionally, mentally and physically. 

Some of them you might be doing it just out habit or you may feel that you are doing right. 

These are the things that puts man completely off 

1.Constant nagging 
2.Continuous complaining 
3.Digging up past issues 
4.Constantly dragging him into argument 
5.Jumping on him immediately after he comes back from work with your resentments 
6.Putting a lot of demands 
7.Putting your pre-marriage family before your husband's family 
8.Blaming him 
9.Denying him sex 
10.Not allowing him his personal time

11.Always judging him without understanding his mind by reading his mind, which is impossible

12.Using his vulnerabilities to hit at him

13. Manipulating to get your demands met

14.Putting unrealistic demands

15.Sulking & getting angry for no reasons or for little reasons

16.Constantly misunderstanding him

17.No taking your conversation to deeper meaningful level

18.Not resolving conflicts but bringing out all that in every argument making each disagreement turning into a major row

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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