How to overcome your emotional over-dependence


How to overcome your emotional over-dependence on your partner so as not to choke him/her and the relationship

  • 1.Become aware about your dependency
  • 2.Become aware about what makes you jealous
  • 3.Become aware about what makes you insecure
  • 4.Become aware about your desperate need for others approval
  • 5.Become aware about your need for others reassurance
  • 6.Become aware about your need for other's validation of whatever you are doing
  • 7.Become aware about your need to please & satisfy others
  • 8.Become aware about your fears & anxieties
  • 9.Become aware about your feeling incomplete yourself
  • 10.Become aware about your not accepting & loving yourself completely

The following DIY tips would teach you how to overcome your emotional neediness

  • 1.Accept how you feel and don't pass judgment on yourself
  • 2.Accept that these feelings would keep coming back time to time
  • 3.Life is full of uncertainties, insecurities, fear, anxious moments etc, these are natural feelings. Only you have learn to handle them more effectively
  • 4.Recognize when you are feeling uncomfortable with something or someone, it is also an indicator for you to take action to change
  • 5.Understand that if you start begging for some relationship, in long term it will ruin your life & happiness along with pains of break-ups
  • 6.If you have messaged someone, don't keep sending messages again & again as There might many reasons as to why they haven't responded
  • 7.Don't suffocate someone by bombarding with your texts, messages, demands etc
  • 8.The best couples don't try to spend all time together it is actually very unhealthy
  • 9.Healthy relationships needs space & personal time for individual growth
  • 10.If you find it difficult to be alone, you will after some time cause irreparable damage to your relationship
  • 11.Work on your Self-esteem by learning new skills, gaining n ore knowledge, improving your performance, getting more education etc etc
  • 12.Learn to have faith & trust in yourself, As it is most often our insecurities that makes us project & doubt others intentions
  • 13.Become financially more independent
  • 14.Become socially independent by having more friends to hang about with for social & professional friends
  • 15.Join many forums where you come across many people

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

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