How to make your woman fall in Love with you


How to make your woman fall in Love with you

It is so simple, that is why it is so complex that a big industry runs on how to make women fall in love with you.

If you can do the following then you can probably win her heart, mind & soul

  • 1.Be visible but don't chase her
  • 2.Create class in your personality so that they can look up to you
  • 3.Make yourself academically, professionally & socially attractive
  • 4.Once she & you get to each other, pay attention to her fully no looking around
  • 5.Be a great listener
  • 6.Do not offer solutions, just listen with care
  • 7.Notice what they have done differently, make-up, dress, hair-style & make a positive comment
  • 8.When smiling at her , make look as if made only for her
  • 9.When in a party where she is there, keep slipping look at her periodically without staring
  • 10.Open the door, pull the chair
  • 11.When dining, make the help staff take order from her
  • 12.Make your look gluey as if you cannot take it off
  • 13.Create a teaching eye wink language
  • 14.Develop varied interest like music, dance etc
  • 15.Join the gym or dance class she is in but don't be a pest
  • 16.Develop wit & healthy sense of humor
  • 17.Pay attention to your appearance, grooming & looks
  • 18.Involve her in some important decision making by seeking her advise
  • 19.Use her friends to brag about you
  • 20.Don't rush her, make it look like she is choosing you
  • 21.Learn about her likes & surprise her with something thoughtful
  • 22.Don't boast about yourself in any way
  • 23.Discuss with her next date which fires her romantic ideas wild
  • 24.Respect her & give her full attentions

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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