How to keep the relationship blaze burning on full flame


How to keep the relationship blaze burning on full flame

In some marriages the fire dies within few weeks or months. In some it burns for few years. In few marriages it is dead from the beginning itself.

But some have milestone relationship where fire increases with passing time

So what can we do to engage our partner to have a truly fantastic relationship & affair of heart for life

Tips to keep your relationship steamy & ablaze

1.Keep yourself interesting, interested with passion

2.Stay vibrant, bubbly & enthusiastic

3.Create new experiences with innovation

4.Make your past a collections of sweet memories

5.Make your struggles together that they too turn into a bonding memory or experience

6.Do not take your partner & yourself for granted. Keep nurturing yourself, the relationship & your partner

7.Make your physical chemistry & love making at the best level

8.Heighten the romance index by trying out creative ideas regularly

9.Do chores together

10.Take vacations regularly

11.Make a date with your partner every week

12.Keep bedroom quarrel free zone

13.Encourage & Help each other achieve your respective dreams

14.Learn new ways to cook, making love, increasing bonding

15.Pay attention to your emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual bonding and closeness 

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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