How to Seduce a Woman


 How to Seduce a Woman

1.Compliment her for her Dress, make-up, Perfume, hairstyle anything & every thing along with how classy she is

2.Do not be predictable, be a mystery by surprising her with innovative actions & gestures

3.Pamper her on her special occasions & everyday just like that

4.Touching her hair, combing her hair, caressing her hair

5.Nibble on her ear lobe

6.Pay attention to her in subtle ways that is only noticeable by her

7.Crank-up your confidence level, learn to take tough decisions with ease

8.Win her mind the most important organ of a women

9.After mind you can focus on capturing her heart

10.Create intense emotions in her towards you, physical ones, emotional ones & desires of being with you, talking with you

11.Pay attention to your grooming, your appearances, your dressing & your personal hygiene

12.Develop taste & learn art, theatre, music & dance, these are the things that romance is based on

13.Learn to kneed her & message her to make her melt

14.Tease her & then leave her, the again tease her to make her excited enough to pounce on you

15.Be adventurous and ask your girl what she wants

16.Let her take charge & if she likes it encourage her to do more of it

17.Express elegantly to tell her how special she is

  • 18.Always listen to her in a very special manner
  • 19.Find out what she enjoys talking about, make her share by asking deeper questions
  • 20.Always make her feel that you are flirting with her all the time
  • 21.Create a mysterious tension
  • 22.Cuddle
  • 23.Learn to talk dirty the way she wants to hear
  • 24.Initiate touch, caressing & focus on her erogenous zones
  • 25.Learn how to kiss the way she wants it
  • 26.Try all sort of teasing techniques by biting, licking, sucking with fingers, lips hands
  • 27.Move forward slowly, let her become flood with desires
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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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