Why my girlfriend won't have sex with me

Why my girlfriend won't have sex with me

  • 1.Maybe your girlfriend feels that she is being used, meaning she is just a time-pass or sex toy
  • 2.You do not respect her for who she is as a person
  • 3.You do not show same affection you used to do earlier
  • 4.You are not paying attention to her enough
  • 5.She senses that you are cheating on her
  • 6.You are only concerned about yourself & are being selfish
  • 7.You only talk about yourself
  • 8.You are committed enough
  • 9.You avoid giving a firm answers when she ask about her future with you
  • 10.She is looking for a break-up
  • 11.She is cheating on you
  • 12.She feels that you don't find her attractive enough
  • 13.She herself does not feel sexy herself
  • 14.She might be battling some stress
  • 15.She is bored with you & in bed
  • 16.There's something else going on in her world that is distracting her
  • 17.You are not putting enough efforts
  • 18.You may be smell badly
  • 19.You maybe putting her of with your nastiness

Why my boyfriend won't have sex with me
Why my wife won't have sex with me


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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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