Why my wife won't have sex with me

Why my wife won't have sex with me

There are multiple emotional, physical, mental psychological and other situational reasons that may make a woman stop having sex with her husband.

Try the following reason, ask & verify and the seek appropriate solution including medical or professional help

1.You might have stopped satisfying her

2.You might have become dull & unattractive to her

3.You both might have lost interest in each other

4.You may have started taking her for granted

5.You might be using her only to satisfy your lust

6.You might have lost the intimacy that brought you together

7.You might be ignoring her

8.You might not be listening to her anymore

9.You people might not be having deeper conversations any more

10.You may have become boring on bed always doing the same thing the same way

11.Romance, love and affection does not show from both of you

12.You might not be paying attention that you were giving her once when the fire was there in your relationship

13.You might not be spending enough time with her to understand her

14.She might be going through hormonal change

15.She might be having stress

16.She might be upset with you temporarily

17.Maybe your or her libido, desires & preferences have changed

18.Maybe it is an indication of impending break-up

19.Maybe she has found someone else & cheating on you

20.She might have become spiritual in a sense that makes her feel sex is not right

21.Her past experiences have caught up with her

22.She is fatigued & tired

23.She does not feel needed anymore

24.There could be medical conditions

25.She feels insecure about her body

26.Sex has become painful

27.She might be physically ill

28.You are not interested in her anymore & it shows

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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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