Why my husband won't have sex with me

Why my husband won't have sex with me

1.He may have lately lost his confidence him to satisfy you & having severe performance anxiety

2.His libido might have gone down due to low testosterone

3.He may be depressed

4.He may be unduly stressed professionally or financially

5.He might have developed a medical condition like erectile dysfunction

6.He might be watching porn & masturbating

7.You might have stopped satisfying him in bed

8.You might have stopped showing gestures of love, affection & care

9.You have stopped treating him like a man, like you earlier you used to do

10.He might be having an affair & cheating on you

11.He might be getting tired too much for various reasons

12.He is mentally & emotionally exhausted when he reaches home

13.Maybe you people do not spend time on talking dirty, foreplay & other intimacy building activities

14.Life is dull & have become monotonous

15.There is no break from everyday chores

16.You have a communication issue

17.Maybe you deny him when he wants sex so now he avoids approaching you

18.You have been nagging & over critical

19.The moment he comes home you open your bag of woes

20.Maybe your expressions, your gestures tells him that he is not good enough anymore

21.Maybe you don't take care to make you desirable

So what to do now

1.The first thing you must do is recognize & acknowledge that you have a problem.

2.You have to have open communication with your partner

3.You may seek professional help in case it is a medical or psychological problem 

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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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