Bouncing back to life with zeal after a Bad Date


 Bouncing back to life with zeal after a Bad Date

All our dates begins with excitements, hopes of thrill & fun.

Some first date do go this way.

But some dates becomes either of or some of the combination of the following

  • 1.Boring
  • 2.One sided conversation
  • 3.Disgusting
  • 4.Very annoying
  • 5.Embarrassing
  • 6.Hurting
  • 7.Insulting
  • 8.A fighting or Argument duet
  • 9.Maybe a molesting or frightful experience
  • 10.A disaster

So how do you bounce back from a dissatisfying date

  • 1.Identify what all went wrong
  • I.Your date came late
  • II.Your date came late but instead of being apologetic he/she was full of himself/herself
  • III.One or both of you were off-mood
  • IV.One or both of you had bad experience that day or immediately before
  • V.Both of you or one of you was uncomfortable with each other
  • VI.It was a one sided conversation
  • VII.Both of you or one of you realized there is a compatibility issue
  • VIII.You felt your date was over demanding
  • IX.You felt your date was trying to force you into doing things you were not comfortable with
  • X.Your date made jokes about your looks, clothes, background
  • XI.Your date had very negative pre-conceived opinion about you
  • XII.List any other thing which made the date bad
  • 2.Find out whether it was something to do with you or your date
  • 3.Identify whether it was compatibility issue, thank God for that
  • 4.Identify whether it was a values issue, thank God for that
  • 5.Take responsibility for your part, Apologize if you need to
  • 6.If it was the anxiety, shyness, pressure or similar issue, do not give up on your date
  • 7.If you feel that the relationship has silver lining, despite being a dissatisfying encounter, give it another try
  • 8.Don't take it personally, if your date do not responds to your texts, calls & messages
  • 9.Even if it was a failure, take time & start dating again to find your that special someone
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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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