Danger sings why your partner may not the right choice


Danger sings why your partner may not the right choice

1.He/she can't seems to handle sudden changes

2.Gets irritated with life's little snarls

3.He is not on speaking terms with many people from his own family & friends

4.He/she has his preferred way of life only and obsessive about perfectionism

5.When talks he/she talks only about himself/herself

6.He/she never shares childhood, school, college & growing-up memories & experiences

7.He/she is kind of envious of your accomplishments instead of being proud

8. he/she is prone to throwing tantrums, anger, creating scene etc
He/she reacts to normal statements by twisting them in a very wrong & negative ways

9.He/she blames you for all the quarrels, disputes & conflict even if they are started by them

10.He/she cannot understand that their behavior is ruining the relationship

11.They always dig out the past even it has always been sorted out

12.Even if you try to make them understand by logic, their perception gets even more reinforced

13.They have very frequent irrational outbursts

14.They have mood swings for no reason

15.They talk about past hurts

16.If you take them to a therapist, they can even mange to fool them & make you look like a villain 

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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