Emotions you will face when faced when your partner cheats on you


 Emotions you will face when faced with your partner's cheating

Every time, everyone when you learn about your partner's affairs it is going to be totally devastating.

The first thing to realize is, no matter how much pain, anger, guilt, or confusion you may be feeling right now, you are not alone.

All your feelings are normal, natural & justifiable at this moment.

The following is going to be some of the emotions you will go through initially & later

1.Shock of the news

2.Wondering & doubt whether it is really happening

3.May go in denial mode, no it cannot happen, my partner cannot do it

4.Blame yourself whether you did something wrong

5.Blame your partner

6.Anger at your partner's cheating

7.Blame God, fight with God why did you do this to me

8.You will just feel as if your world has come to an end

9.Your total hopes, aspirations, professional, personal & social life will become a confusing whirlpool

10.You will lose interest & have problems in working, sleeping, or eating and your daily routine would be at the best shattered

11.You will have mood swing, depression etc

12.You will feel totally alone in this world

13.You may feel embarrassed

14.You may think of settling score by having a quick affair yourself to hit back in kind

15.If You have accidently found out about your partner's affair, you may have concern or fear about confronting your partner, if he/she is stronger type

16.You will feel hurt, betrayed & wronged one

17.You may also feel if you should let it pass & forgive your partner

18.You may experience an overwhelming feeling of isolation, as few people will express empathy for your situation

19.You will also be confused on whom to tell, whom to hide from & from whom to seek the support

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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