What every man wants in his woman


What every man wants in his woman

  • 1.A women who teases
  • 2.A woman who is witty
  • 3.A women who understand intelligent jokes
  • 4.A woman who has style, class & sass and off course ass
  • 5.A playful woman
  • 6.A woman who can talk meaningful
  • 7.A woman who will flirt with him constantly
  • 8.A woman who cares for him
  • 9.A woman who encourages him in his dreams
  • 10.A women who admires his qualities
  • 11.A woman who is confident
  • 12.A woman who is independent
  • 13.A woman who is emotionally mature
  • 14.A woman who takes real interest in him, in his family & what he likes
  • 15.A woman who is successful
  • 16.A woman whom inspires & challenges him
  • 17.A woman who can talk dirty as well as talk meaningful
  • 18.A woman who pays attention to her man's need
  • 19.A woman who loves romance & love making
  • 20.A woman who gives space to him
  • 21.A woman who loves spending time with him doing quality activities & things
  • 22.A woman who is crazy about him, in a normal way not psychologically
  • 23.A woman who is a great support
  • 24.A woman who tells him the truth
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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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