Red alert sentences you should pay attention to in your relationship/dating


Red alert sentences you should pay attention to in your relationship/dating

If you hear the following sentences & they match with the actions of your partner. And they get repeated, please take proper action, otherwise you might be taken for a ride

  • 1.If your date starts asking to borrow money
  • 2.If he/she is constantly late & cannot give a valid answer
  • 3.If your date promises moon
  • 4.If your date tries to divert your direct questions about his past, current, family etc
  • 5.If he/she feels uncomfortable talking about their ex
  • 6.If she/he says I will never talk about this[unless it happens to be gossip or religion or politics]
  • 7.Proposes you too soon
  • 8.When she/he asks you everything & you answer. But when you ask, he/she says why should I tell everything or explain everything or give reason for everything
  • 9.If he/she lies a lot & have not scruples against lying
  • 10.When he is secretive about his/her family
  • 11.When he/she is constantly loos bored & disinterested
  • 12.When he/she continuously try to sell you themselves even when you have accepted them
  • 13.If he/she always tries to prove how right they are
  • 14.When they try to put emphasis on how great they are on a continuous basis
  • 15.When he/she shies away from commitment
  • 16.When they try to control whom you meet , what you do & what you say or try to control your life
  • 17.When they force you to do something that is not only wrong but also that you are unwilling to do
  • 18.When they try to play victim
  • 19.When they try emotional blackmail techniques
  • 20.When they put you down
  • 21.When they constantly compare you with others
  • 22.When they try to choke you, suffocate you with messages of love one day & hate the next
  • 23.When they constantly seek your attention
  • 24.When they want you to applaud & appreciate even for everyday normal thing in glorifying terms

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