How Your Infidelity impacts the lives of your loved ones


How Your Infidelity impacts the lives of your loved ones

Most people who cheat or be unfaithful to their partner, do not realize the long term impact not only in their life but also on their closest loved ones on the both side of family.

The following people & areas are definitely going to get impacted negatively, as a result thereof your infidelity

1.Your partner

2.Your kids if any

3.Both of your immediate family members like your & your partner's parents, siblings etc

4.Your close friends

5.Your social status

6.Your professional life

7.Your mental, emotional, personal, family life

8.Your finances

9.Your health & fitness

10.Your self-esteem through your guilt, fear, regret & shame

How did you get into it

1.Maybe the temptation was there & you got the opportunity

2.Maybe you never thought it would lead to this

3.Maybe the other person trapped you

4.Maybe you seduced this person

5.It felt alright initially till it came into light

6.Maybe it was a one off mistake

7.Maybe your current relationship have hit rock-bottom 

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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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