How Successful Couples fight differently

How Successful Couples fight differently.

All couples have disagreements, but it's the way they discuss & fight that determines if their relationship will last & the quality of their intimacy and closeness

  • 1.They Do not attack the character, personality or weaknesses of your partner

2.They don't run away from fights & fight fair

3.They don't avoid confrontation

4.They listen, they clarify, they understand other's perspective

5.They do not blame, accuse or drag the past

6.They believe in having discussions not fight or arguments

7.They don't try to put down or insult other partner

8.They accept their mistake whenever they recognize one

9.They apologize for their mistakes

10.They make up for their mistakes

11.They do not repeat their mistakes

12. They follow the ground rules during fight
  • 13.They do not fight when both or one of them is angry
14. They acknowledge each other's feelings and points of view
  • 15.They ultimately able to empathize with other's point of view

16. They give each other the benefit of the doubt 

17. They always remember that they are couples not enemies

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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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