The art of Mature & Healthy Fighting as couples

The art of Mature & Healthy Fighting as couples 

1. Creating ground rules for fighting. Some example of it would be

  • I.Will fight in a scheduled time of the day
  • II.Will not fight in the no fight zone like bedroom
  • III.Will not fight if the other partner is having an important occasion or event
  • IV.Will not fight if the other partner is going through a stress situation
  • V.Will not fight when both are angry
2. Identify the core issues, do not drag other irrelevant points or past

3.Focus on the most immediate & major issue at a time do not distract by going on a tangent by raking other issues

4.Sort the issues fully so as never to bring it back again in next fights or arguments

5.If you can identify the major repeat issues, sit together & sort out how, what & why to stop them reoccurring

  • 6.Be objective & non-judgmental
7. Localize don't globalize, meaning you start relating non-issues with core issues
  • 8.Don't dig up & rake up the past issues
9. Look underneath the argument 10. Acceptance of other

11.Agreeing to disagree and naming the issue can prevent arguments in the future

12.Create Me-time for each other

13.Create TV & Leisure time for each other

14.If there is libido mis-match then establish physical intimacy

15.There comes times that you find in spite of all the efforts it is not working out. Then seek professional help & if it fails then go for separation 

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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