When should you tell your partner that you have cheated


 When should you tell your partner that you have cheated 

The following has to be considered

  • 1.You did not do it with intentions it was forced on you
  • 2.It happened in the heat of the moment, you accept that it was a mistake & you know you will never repeat it again[but the try not tell, as telling with lead to breaking of trust & faith, which may never ever be repaired]
  • 3.You want to stay with your partner but you are feeling too guilty & too ashamed that you are not able to have normal life with your partner
  • 4.If you want to hurt your partner
  • 5.If using this ruse, you want to break away
  • 6.Your partner is already sniffing & suspecting and probably have confirmation from other sources
  • 7.If except your partner most of the people in your circle are aware about it
  • 8.If the person who have had this extra-marital affair is blackmailing you
  • 9.If you suspect that you might have contracted STD
  • 10.If you think that you won't be able to control yourself as you would be forced to do it again
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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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