What to Do When You Find your partner Cheated on you


What to Do When You Find your partner Cheated on you 

Please understand & do the following

  • 1.It will come as a shock, especially if you have been truly faithful to him/her
  • 2.It will shatter your mental, emotional, physical peace altogether
  • 3.The pains, hurt & anger will takes its time to go
  • 4.But first what you need to do is to verify your facts, as if it is only a one time incident or been happening
  • 5.Has he/she cheated earlier with other partners as well
  • 6.If it is the cause in points 4 & 5, then mentally prepare to break-away
  • 7.But if it is one of incident & you will it a mistake on his/her part and you still love him/her and want to stay together have toyou do the following
  • I.After confirming the cheating incident, talking with him/her straight forward way
  • II.Find out whether he/she is genuinely sorry, embarrassed, ashamed & feeling guilty etc. You would know by his/her words, actions, impressions, gestures, behavior, body language & hoe he/she treats you
  • III.Find out whether you relationship was already on the rocks & dis-integrating
  • IV.Find out your role in this incident if any, whether your behavior like nagging, denying him/her sex etc drove this person for this act
  • V.Understand that your sexual, physical, emotional & day to day relationship will undergo major change & it will take efforts on both partner's part to bring it back to the track
  • VI.Decide if this relationship is worth salvaging & putt further efforts
  • Find out if you are willing to put efforts & forgive your partner
  • Find out if your partner is going put additional efforts to make it up
  • VII.Find out whether you partner is planning to break away from you, get it confirmed
  • VIII.If both of decide to continue, then give yourself time to Take Care of Yourself
  • IX.If both decide to part then decide to part amicably
  • X.The pain & hurt of separation, you will have to learn & go through yourself. Read articles on how to move on after a break up, what to do when a break up happens to you & how to heal yourself, in this website
  • XI.If both of you decide to stay together, get professional help, go together to marriage counselor or therapist
  • XII.If breaking away, then too you should seek professional psychological, medical & legal help
  • XIII.Understand that there is no quick solution, it will hurt & pain like hell
  • XIV.Try not to get blinded by anger & revenge it will be self-harming
  • XV.Instead make yourself engaged in activities that keep you meaningfully occupied.
  • XVI.Try Not to Obsess Over It, stop overthinking & being mentally always be thinking about him/her
  • XVII.Don't punish yourself, learn from it & your part in damaging the relationship & move on
  • XVIII.Learn to let it go & if possible forgive your partner

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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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