What to Do if You Cheated on Your Partner, but Want to Stay Together


 What to Do if You Cheated on Your Partner, but Want to Stay Together

Please consider, here we are only referring to the case that you cheated on your partner, for whatever reasons & that is the first time.

If you have been cheating regularly on your partner that is probably your habit or a disorder. In that case please let your partner go free as soon as possible. Because whenever she/he learn about it, it will very painful to them to say the least, especially if they are faithful with you & love you.

Now let's say you cheated for the first time

1.Identify why it happened from the following or any other reason not mentioned here

A.You are bored with your partner

B.You want to break-way with your partner

C.You just got the opportunity & you used it

D.Under pressure you did it

E.You don't enjoy sex with her/him anymore & you were already looking out

F.It may not be the stand alone case, it may get repeated again

G.You were trying to punish your partner for whatever reason

2.Now decide what you want, do you want to break off with your existing partner, then have conversation with her/him & tell straight

3.If you want to stay with your partner, because you still love her/him & this cheating was genuine mistake on your part. Then break-off with the other person completely

4.Now if it was one off incident, the question of telling her/him is a very difficult one, as it may totally turn yours & her/his life upside down with many serious consequences

5.In any case, it will affect the relationship and the pain that your partner may feel.

6.If you are never going to repeat again, then it might be good idea to not tell him/her

7.You have to understand if this is bothering you the sex & conversation with your partner would also get affect for some times

8.Learn from it & try to make atonement to your partner with genuine loving & affectionate gestures

9.After you have done the penance & atonement, forgive yourself

10.Ask for forgiveness from your partner from within

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