The essential elements of intimacy


The essential elements of intimacy

  • 1.Looking in the eyes as if they are your world
  • 2.Touching Intimately
  • 3.Caressing Gently & in a teasing way
  • 4.Cuddle without any conversation, enjoying the sensation
  • 5.Dirty Talks
  • 6.Making love a new experience every time
  • 7.Showing care by listening & paying attention to each other
  • 8.Whispering sweet nothings
  • 9.Sharing chores
  • 10.Giving surprises of the non-materialistic types through gestures, actions, expressions & body language
  • 11.Sexiting Messages
  • 12.Massages in the Back, neck, foot, hand
  • 13.Holding Hand
  • 14.Having deep & meaningful conversations
  • 15.Understanding each other's moods & supporting when needed
  • 16.Vacations together
  • 17.Going for walk, exercising together
  • 18.Humor & making each other laugh
  • 19.Showing empathy & compassion
  • 20.Resolving & committing to ride the tough time together
  • 21.Loving each other unconditionally
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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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