Create a Life-Long Romance & Intimacy through Quick Tips


Create a Life-Long Romance & Intimacy through Quick Tips

  • 1.Go to bed together
  • 2.Reminisce time to time, about your vacation, past memories etc
  • 3.Understand & speak your partner's love language.
  • 4.Surprise your partner with a sexy gift, it could also be in kind, verbal, no-verbal and physical
  • 5.Love yourself.
  • 6.Lie down on the bed, keep looking at your partner with a seductive smile & not saying anything neither doing anything for few minutes
  • 7.Go to bedroom a little earlier, slip naked under a sheet, let him/her discover
  • 8.Learn, invent & play sexually stimulating games
  • 9.Whisper sweet nothings in the ear
  • 10.Listen to each other's fantasies
  • 11.Talk about the most memorable love making & romantic moments that both of you had together
  • 12.Call each other with sexy names that is only used by both you in privacy of your bedroom
  • 13.Think of one quirky thing she/he does that you love and tell her/him about it
  • 14.Tell him/her how he/she makes you a complete person
  • 15.Share with him/her a sexual fantasy you've always felt embarrassed about.
  • 16.Make a special midnight post sex snack
  • 17.Cook a meal together.
  • 18.Make breakfast for him/her
  • 19.Pick him/her for a date by giving a surprise
  • 20.The next time you hug him/her, reach around and squeeze his/her butt
  • 21.Bathe together periodically
  • 22.Take turns being dominant in bed
  • 23. Masturbate together without touching each other.
  • 24.Make love while he/she is talking on phone
  • 25.Do her/her chores
  • 26.Wake him/her with a morning Kiss
  • 27.Bring tea for him/her to bed
  • 28.Write love notes and put them places you know you're partner will find them.
  • 29.Send flowers to her/his office.
  • 30.Send him a link to a song on YouTube that makes you think of him/her
  • 31.Watch movie together on bed
  • 32.Hug from behind him for a quick shoulder massage.
  • 33.Move around the house together,Naked
  • 34.Give A lingering kiss
  • 35.Send A flirty teasing message
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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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